Work in Progress: How to Build a More Equal Workplace

November  30,  2015

Once a month, we gather a list of six stories from the world of office design trends we think are worth reading. This month, we are reading about the successes of working women, unique...
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Office Branding & Reception Design: First Impressions Matter

November  23,  2015

As visual creatures, humans rely on their sight to impart important information about the places we encounter. The initial impression we form regarding a new situation will often color our...
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Developing a Social Workplace: How “Third Places” Fit In

November  12,  2015

best employers and most successful companies harness the power of relaxed, social interactions. They understand that connection and interaction can often kick-start both creativity and...
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Office Layout: 5 Modern Office Interior Design Essentials

November  04,  2015

Humans are often the products of their surroundings. For working Americans, these surroundings often refer to the office space in which they bring their ideas to life. Forward-thinking company...
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