Work in Progress: Empowered Environments, the Ideal Ergonomic Chair and Creating Work Spaces That Ignore Age

November  30,  2016

See the office design trends worth reading this month! Every so often, we gather a list of six stories from today’s workplace and the world of office design. Read about the importance of employee...
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Utilizing Herman Miller Modern Conference Room Tables for Effective Communication

November  24,  2016

Collaboration requires effortless, effective communication. An open exchange of creative ideas happens more naturally in an environment which is designed to invite discussion and promote lingering...
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Hachette Project featured in Interior Design Magazine

November  15,  2016

When Michael Pietsch, Hachette Book Group’s CEO, announced to his staff that their new Midtown office would be open plan, there were gasps. How would editors negotiate high-stakes book deals,...
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Office Space Design: Where to Start with Your Office Layout Planning

November  10,  2016

Designing office space layouts can present a unique challenge for those in search of the way to best express their company identity and brand through their physical space. Modern offices utilize...
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