3 Misconceptions about the Small Business Office

Posted by Path Interactive on : June  16,  2015

Many small and medium business owners scrimp when it comes to office furniture, with the assumption that buying quality will not make a meaningful difference. However, this is often a mistake. Quality office furniture is essential to creating an attractive and functional space, which is in turn essential to productivity and motivation. Here are three myths regarding the SMB office and inexpensive office furniture.

Myth #1: Your Space Isn’t a Tool that Affects Productivity
Many small and medium business owners assume that their office space does not have a meaningful effect on productivity. However, creative office space design that allows for intuitive organization and mental flow can improve productivity immensely. Most people are emotionally and intellectually affected by their surroundings; there is a good chance that you will see an immediate increase in productivity after purchasing quality office furniture.

Myth #2: It Is Not Important for Your Office to Reflect Your Brand
Branding is essential to the success of a small or medium business. The SMB office is part of this brand. Even if your clients never see your inexpensive office furniture, your employees will. The same way people dress for success even to make phone calls, your office needs to be furnished for the success you hope to achieve.

Myth #3: Quality Office Furniture Is Expensive and Doesn’t Affect Morale or Profit
Quality office furniture definitely costs more initially. However, well-made furniture is designed not just for comfort and ease of use, but to last and look great for a long time. Unfortunately, many small business owners who buy poor quality office furniture spend more over the long run as they have to routinely replace things. In addition, employees function better and will be more productive, earning more profits, when they are not distracted and annoyed by cheap, low-function surroundings.


A One-Time Investment

High quality and creative office space design is not cheap, but it is worth the expenditure. You will see changes in attitudes, improvements in productivity, and less frustration with small environmental annoyances. In addition, high quality office furniture will last and look great for far longer than its low quality counterparts. Today is the time to explore how your SMB office can be improved with a one-time investment in comfortable and functional office furnishings.


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