3 Smart and Alternative Ways to Invest in Your Office Furniture

Posted by Path Interactive on : October  10,  2015

Small and medium businesses possess an agility few larger corporations can boast. The ability to innovate in unexpected directions and chase creativity to exciting conclusions gives smaller firms an undeniable advantage. The trade-off for operating these nimble smaller businesses often appears when it is time to consider investing in office furniture.

Companies not yet willing to commit significant budgetary resources to the purchase of new office furnishings may find the value they seek in pre-owned office furniture. Others may discover that office furniture rental offers them the solution they need as they progress towards the acquisition of quality equipment for their workspace.

The Benefits of Pre-Owned Office Furniture

Makers of high-end custom office furniture build each piece to withstand constant use without appreciable wear. These pieces have a desirable aesthetic as well as excellence in materials and fabrication. Because of this quality construction, this furniture often lasts far beyond the time in which larger businesses wish to refresh the look of their workspaces.

Small and medium businesses owners may discover they can stretch the funds they have set aside for investing in office furniture by seeking out pre-owned office furniture instead of focusing their attention only on new goods. This allows discerning office managers to secure necessary furnishings without sacrificing quality for cost, and will stretch the time before new equipment must be acquired.

The Advantages of Office Furniture Rental

The purchase of office furniture represents a financial commitment for companies, especially when they have only just begun to hit their stride. Expending significant capital on casegoods, task seating, and storage can deplete reserves better put towards other company functions. Yet without this equipment, a company cannot function at peak capacity.

Office furniture rental presents an attractive option for those not yet willing to commit to a purchase they will need to live with for years to come. Whether a business requires more time to find the ideal combination of equipment for their needs, or they have opted to wait for next year’s returns before approving the outlay of a considerable portion of the budget, rental furniture allows a company to acquire equipment without risk.

Combining Approaches for the Best Results

Industrious companies need not settle for a single approach to investing in office furniture. Instead, a combination of pre-owned office furniture, office furniture rental, and more traditional purchases of select goods may offer a happy medium between all options. Skilled designers can integrate many different styles of furniture to produce a cohesive, unified look with a distinctive style unique to your company.

Ready to Create Your Ideal Workspace

Benhar Office Interiors offers high-quality, pre-owned office furniture, as well as custom office furnitureto suit the requirements of both small and medium businesses. Our experience with creating design solutions tailored to meet the needs of companies can assist you in creating your ideal workspace. Contact us online, or call us at 212-481-6666 for more information on our inventory.