Our 9th Year Volunteering with “We Care” NYC

Posted by Path Interactive on : March  16,  2013

This year we participated in the 17th annual We Care event. Each year, We Care is held around Christmas time. For the last 9 years, our team has volunteered their time and been rewarded with the opportunity to see scores of happy young faces. We Care provides kids with a chance to make homemade gifts for their family. This year, we had the privilege of providing them with building materials and helping them to access their creativity.

At We Care 2013, around 300 children came to make holiday gifts for their friends and family. Benhar Office Interiors set up a table to make gingerbread boxes with Christmas candy inside. Each box came with foam stickers that the children used to decorate. We had so much fun helping them!

Our gingerbread house building prowess is only surpassed by our expertise in designing and implementing office interior solutions. If your office is in need of a new look for the New Year, get in contact with us or give us a call at 212-481-6666. And of course, Happy Holidays!




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