NYC’s Madison Square Eats: An Alternative to Eating Lunch at Your Desk

Posted by Path Interactive on : October  05,  2013

As autumn begins to settle in and weather begins to dictate activities to a more indoor environment, some still like to capture the essence of the outdoors and the joy that comes with it.

As we wrap up the last days of warm weather and outdoor activities, perhaps you and/or your office team might like to enjoy a break from eating lunch at your desk. We recommend checking out Madison Square Eats before the Fall sets in fully and the crisp air gets too cold.

What is Madison Square Eats?

Madison Square Eats is a small bi-annual food festival in Flatiron NYC made up of New York local vendors who set up shop in Worth Square just across 5th avenue from Madison Square Park.

While most office workers may opt for the everyday options of a food truck, or other team outing spots such as Shake Shack in Madison Square Park or Bryant Park, the variety of cuisine at Madison Square Eats makes it a delicious reason to step outside your normal lunch box, and try something new.

Some popular vendors at this Fall’s Madison Square Eats include:

When is Madison Square Eats?

Madison Square Eats is open from 11A-9P daily and is only around until the 25th of October. As an alternative to you and your team eating lunch at your desk inside, why not get out of the office and go check out one of the most popular outdoor dining experiences in NYC?!

Have a look for yourself at this Fall’s Madison Square Eats extravaganza!

Will you be bringing your team to Madison Square Eats to get some food for thought? Do you have any other preferred alternatives to eating lunch at your desk? Let us know in the comments or tweet at us!

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