Art in the Office

Posted by Path Interactive on : July  15,  2015

The aesthetic of a company’s workplace gives a silent but profound testament of the business operating within. Tastemakers within the design community seem to reinvent the definition of what constitutes professional appearance each year, but certain trends have emerged as important mainstays of modern decorating concepts. Open office plans have replaced cubicle mazes. Communal office areas bring workers together across the country. Now, office art has become a topic of conversation, as more companies look to murals for workplace solutions to stimulate creativity.

Studies have shown color in the workplace can lead to increased employee satisfaction. Bold murals and other large works can lead to increased productivity and a higher quality of work. Successful companies such as Facebook, Google, and the Bank of China have all utilized murals in their stunning workspaces.

Bringing Walls to Life

Broad expanses of blank walls are potential opportunities to add life to your office’s interior. Successful companies around the world have embraced these colorful pieces to enliven their offices with everything from brand icons and cityscapes to near-abstract panoramas of varied hues. Each office mural reflects company goals, ideals, and the perennial drive toward exciting ingenuity.

The created blue-on-white murals which more closely resembled the patterns on fine China plates than a traditional office art mural. Yet this piece captures the complexity of the company itself with a timeless appeal. In contrast, Neos Creative hired a collective of graffiti artists to create a fresh, modern design with a vibrant and dynamic feel.

Workplace Solutions for Visual Inspiration

A bespoke office mural can provide a dramatic renewal to a workplace in need of an updated design without breaking the budget. Consider what you hope to accomplish with your mural, and speak to several artists to find one whose vision matches yours. Talented artists can elevate your vision to artwork beyond your expectations.

Keep color theories in mind while designing your mural. Lighter shades of green and blue can help with employee eye strain, as well as bring calm into an anxious environment. Yellow and orange, used as accents, can energize workers. It is important to take into account the position of your mural, as well as the business of its design.


Room for Creativity

Another engaging idea is to make use of a blank canvas on the wall. Provide appropriate materials to your employees, and allow them to create the mural themselves. This results in artwork unique to your company, and gives employees a concrete sense of their investment in their work.

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