Benhar Office Interiors is Named One of Crain’s 2014 Best Places to Work

Posted by Path Interactive on : November  20,  2014

We’re proud to announce that Benhar Office Interiors has been named one of Crain’s 2014 Best Places to Work! Each year, Crain’s recognizes the top 100 companies in the New York City area that help their employees strike the ideal work/life balance. Nominated companies are ranked based on key performance metrics including: corporate culture, employee training and development, employee satisfaction, and pay and benefits.

This year, Crain’s published its 2014 Best Places to Work list on October 2, 2014. Company rankings are determined by answers to an extensive questionnaire that the employees of nominated companies are asked to complete. All employee answers remain anonymous and are compiled by Crain’s.

Ranking within the top 100 companies of Crain’s 2014 Best Places to Work is a highly-coveted position. Benhar Office Interiors joins the echelon of greatly esteemed companies like Microsoft Corp., AOL, Squarespace and New York Cares. The top 100 Crain’s 2014 Best Places to Work companies have been unveiled on Crain’s website and their ranking order from 100 to 1 will be announced during a celebratory luncheon on December 5, 2014.

Working at Benhar Office Interiors

At Benhar, we’re committed to promoting a positive and collaborative work environment where employees freely share their ideas. This commitment has helped us to maintain company engagement and transparency. We respect the opinions of employees and provide competitive compensation and benefits – two of the top reasons why our employees like working at Benhar Office Interiors. We believe that the most vital attribute for a growing company is engaged employees that have a positive relationship with management and a high level of job satisfaction.

Benhar Office Interiors thanks all of our dedicated employees who have made the Crain’s Best Places to Work distinction possible this year! Without our tight-knit team, we wouldn’t be a leader in office interior design or have made Crain’s list!

To learn more about our company culture and track record of success, we invite you to visit our about page or read the Crain’s list press release. For a consultation regarding your office interior design needs, contact us online or call 212-481-6666. Here’s to continued success going forward!

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