Etsy: The Best Office In The World?

Posted by Breanna Sheldon on : May  01,  2018

What does it mean to be the best office in the world? Or the most luxurious office in the world? Luxury isn’t expensive furniture and extravagant perks.  Luxury means superior quality and attention to every detail. The top office in the world may just be Etsy’s headquarters in Manhattan. In the spirit of luxury, Etsy (in collaboration with Gensler) has created an office interior design that focuses on nurturing.

How Etsy Created the Best Office in the World

“Using direct feedback from our employees, we’ve crafted a space that’s designed for how they want to work: one that’s open, beautiful and inspiring, with specialty areas allowing for collaboration and creativity as well as focus and solitude.” -Josh Wise, Etsy

Light-filled interiors and views are standard in the most luxurious offices in the world. At Etsy’s headquarters, walls of windows provide expansive views, and lighting mimics natural daylight. Walls of plants create indoor gardens throughout the office space. It appears no employee is ever far from the calming effects of nature.

The best office in the world, like any luxury environment, ensures that employees feel cared for.  Etsy’s office interior design celebrates its employees as a community of individuals, working with the global community of Etsy sellers. This luxurious office interior design boldly showcases the artisans that make Etsy a beloved brand.  A ground-floor art gallery is open to the public. Art and craft installations from Etsy sellers appear throughout the office space – even the colorful, woven basket installations overhead evoke Etsy’s crafty mission.

The most luxurious offices in the world such as L’Oreal’s new headquarters in Hudson Yards include custom furniture. At Etsy, furnishings were sourced from both Etsy artisans and local craftspeople. These custom desks, tables, and chairs are proudly featured in this most luxurious office interior.

Amenities Abound in the Most Luxurious Office in the World

Top office interior designs like Etsy’s offer luxury amenities like yoga, healthy meals, and quiet meditation spaces. Like all of the best offices in the world, Etsy supports employee wellness, with a rooftop deck and outdoor garden space, bike storage and showers for bike commuters.

The quiet and chic Green Library is perfect for reading, or working on a laptop in a home-like environment. Different types of office and lounge seating, from banquettes to cafe’ seating and lounge areas, allow people to change positions and location during the day.

“By acknowledging and supporting employees’ health and wellness needs, we’re helping integrate our personal and professional lives harmoniously.” – Josh Wise, Etsy

The top office in the world may just be the Manhattan headquarters of Etsy – a luxurious office interior design that nurtures its entire community.

Design Your Dream Office

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