Mark Benhar: A Proud Member of YJP and the EANYC

November  25,  2013

At Benhar Office Interiors, we believe that collaboration and communication are more than just fundamental human behaviors — they’re cornerstones of a healthy business. Our CEO Mark Benhar is...Read More

Benhar Office Interiors Proudly Celebrates 10 Years in Business

November  07,  2013

“I am proud of the company we have built in the past 10 years. Through turbulent times we were able to survive, prosper and maintain a great team. I look forward to the next 10 years and...Read More

Healthcare Furniture: NYC Medical Industry Interiors

October  25,  2013

When you consider the challenges that accompany obtaining quality healthcare, your thoughts might not turn to healthcare furniture. But having quality medical office furniture is something that...Read More

Six Workplace Wisdoms: National Ergonomics Month, Modern Office Design & Negative Effects of Sitting

October  17,  2013

Twice a month, we gather a list of six stories from the furniture and design world we think are worth reading. Today, we’re reading: workplace-wisdoms 1. Why Productive People...Read More

Join Benhar Office Interiors as a Senior Project Manager

October  15,  2013

We are currently looking for a qualified individual to fill the role of Senior Project Manager at Benhar Office Interiors. office-interiors-senior-project-managerAs a rapidly growing office furniture...Read More