home office furniture

How to Support Remote Workers with Home Office Furniture

December  02,  2020

Building a productive home office is challenging. Remote workers face unique challenges of blocking out the laundry that needs to be washed, the pile of dishes getting larger by the minute and...
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How Does Office Design Affect Productivity?

August  01,  2019

Top interior designers balance collaboration and private workspaces to increase workplace productivity Efforts to increase workplace productivity have changed ideas about office design dramatically...
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3 herman miller workstations in modern office

Herman Miller’s 12 Rules to Design By ArchDaily

June  05,  2018

Some readings on all things design, culture and of course... furniture!...
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Correct Your Office Chair Posture and Prevent Back Strain

October  23,  2017

It’s common knowledge that long-term sitting and poor office chair posture negatively affect our health. However, many people still do not know how to sit in their office chair properly. The...
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Remastered Aeron Office Chairs for Lower Back Pain

February  27,  2017

Ergonomic choices in office furniture play an important role in the health of all workers who spend hours at their desks. Yet for those who experience constant lower back pain, or those whose comfort...
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Design your Workspace with Herman Miller Executive Office Furniture

December  30,  2016

Office workspace design is as much an art as it is science. While you must plan for the hard, physical dimensions of both your space and your needed furnishings, you must also factor in such...
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Utilizing Herman Miller Modern Conference Room Tables for Effective Communication

November  24,  2016

Collaboration requires effortless, effective communication. An open exchange of creative ideas happens more naturally in an environment which is designed to invite discussion and promote lingering...
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Herman Miller Task Chairs: What is Task Seating and is it Suitable for Any Office Space?

August  24,  2016

Herman Miller has earned a name as a company for office furnishings that adhere to the strictest standards of quality while setting design trends that will endure for decades to come. The company's...
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open plan office furniture

Herman Miller Office Furniture Solutions for an Open Plan Office

July  26,  2016

Offices that utilize architectural features to section their workspaces may not rely heavily upon the furnishings they choose. Spaces created by walls, doors, and other built-in elements take on a...
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ergonomic office seating

Ergonomic Office Seating: Why Your Back is Begging for Ergo

June  30,  2016

Few pieces of furniture have a greater impact on the health and productivity of hard workers chasing success than the office chair. Employees may spend hours at a time seated in an office chair,...
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