Work in Progress: Office Design Trends & the Scandinavian Way

March  15,  2017

Once a month, we gather a list of stories from the furniture and design worlds we think are worth reading. This month, we're reading about the importance of office design, modern antiques, and the...
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Work in Progress on Office Design & Employee Well-being: After-hour Emails, Cool Office Furniture

January  30,  2017

Every so often, we gather a list of six stories from today’s workplace and the world of office design. This month, we’re reading about employee-focused office design, design and productivity,...
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Design your Workspace with Herman Miller Executive Office Furniture

December  30,  2016

Office workspace design is as much an art as it is science. While you must plan for the hard, physical dimensions of both your space and your needed furnishings, you must also factor in such...
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glass office partitions

Glass Office Partitions for an Open Space Illusion & Privacy

December  16,  2016

Glass office partitions lend a touch of class any space. The simple, timeless elegance of transparent divisions between workspace areas creates a distinguished aesthetic, yet also offers a surprising...
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Work in Progress: Empowered Environments, the Ideal Ergonomic Chair and Creating Work Spaces That Ignore Age

November  30,  2016

See the office design trends worth reading this month! Every so often, we gather a list of six stories from today’s workplace and the world of office design. Read about the importance of employee...
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Hachette Project featured in Interior Design Magazine

November  15,  2016

When Michael Pietsch, Hachette Book Group’s CEO, announced to his staff that their new Midtown office would be open plan, there were gasps. How would editors negotiate high-stakes book deals,...
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Office Space Design: Where to Start with Your Office Layout Planning

November  10,  2016

Designing office space layouts can present a unique challenge for those in search of the way to best express their company identity and brand through their physical space. Modern offices utilize...
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Office Layout Planning When Downsizing Your Office Space

October  12,  2016

Savvy small and medium business owners understand the need to reduce unnecessary luxuries to coax the most impact out of the company budget. Those with their eye on success look beyond the most...
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Small Office Furniture: What are the Best Office Chairs and Desks for Small Office Spaces?

September  07,  2016

Big ideas can come from small spaces. Small offices provide creative workers with the opportunity to exchange thoughts, brainstorm freely, and hothouse innovations that will set the company apart....
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high end office furniture

High End Office Furniture: How You Should Prioritize Your Investment

August  10,  2016

How a small or medium business chooses to overcome the dilemmas that present themselves in the course of operating will set it apart from its competitors. Forward-looking companies with their eyes on...
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