Choosing Conference Room Essentials

Posted by Path Interactive on : September  28,  2013

Traditionally, when an employee received an email about a meeting in “Conference Room 7B” they’d have a pretty good idea of what to expect – even if they’d never set foot in the room before. That’s because conference room design ideas, for the large part, used to include the same basic conference room essentials: a big rectangular table with chairs, a telephone, and some sort of overhead projector.

Today, the face of business and how employees work together has changed, and office interior designers have picked up on this. For work teams that require greater flexibility, the idea of conference room essentials may be less traditional.

Collaborative Conference Room Design: The New Trend in Office Productivity

A business’s needs change over time. One of the cornerstones of collaborative conference room design is that the space be flexible. The conference room you need depends largely on your company culture. Below are some options to consider when choosing your conference room essentials.

Small, Versatile Tables

Although a large table is a traditional choice, it’s not the only solution.

  • Small tables can be arranged in different formations depending on the function and purpose of your gathering
  • For larger groups, a hollow or U-shaped design has become popular because it orients participants so that they’re facing each other
  • Smaller tables can be easily scattered in order to allow for more productive collaboration when a meeting breaks out into small groups

Flip Top Tables

Some meetings require a large table, but others call for no table at all. herman-miller-conference-room-tablesSimple floor space is often required, and Everywhere Flip Top tables from Herman Miller offer this flexibility.

  • Three size options and various finishes for both the top and legs add to versatility
  • The main support is in the center of the table, allowing the top to be folded vertically
  • The table is on casters and can easily and quickly be pushed out of the way to free up space

Stackable Chairs

Herman Miller Caper chairs are an excellent addition to your collaborative conference room seating essentials. Caper chairs are stackable and can offer more flexibility than traditional herman-miller-caper-chairs-nycergonomically designed chairs.

The chairs are lightweight and come in a variety of traditional and bold colors to fit your office mood. They’re helpful when:

  • Arrangements change within a conference room periodically
  • You need to accommodate a larger number of people for an information session
  • An unexpected meeting observer needs a place to sit

At Benhar Office Interiors, we provide a wide range of options and design services to help you with your conference room design ideas. To learn more about what we offer and how we can help your office thrive, contact us online or call us at 212-481-6666.

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