Choosing Office Furniture: Good, Better, Best

Posted by Path Interactive on : March  31,  2014

Moving into a new office can (and should) be exciting. A new office often comes as the result of growth and expansion, and may be a major stepping stone in the history of your business. If the office is unfurnished, it can serve as a blank slate that through design becomes the perfect representation of your company.

While an unfurnished office offers possibility, it can also present budgetary challenges. Fortunately, quality office furniture is available at a variety of price points. Once you’ve settled on a budget, the next step is choosing office furniture pieces that are of highest the priority, as well as the estimated cost you’d like to spend on each.

To help you make smart and informed purchasing decisions, we’ve assembled three general categories of office furniture based on their price points, to keep it simple and clear, we have called it good, better and best. Everyone needs desking, task seating, guest chairs, storage, and conference tables and chairs, but how much you are prepared to spend varies at different phases in your business growth.

Good Office Furniture

At the most affordable price point, you’ll find quality laminate desks in a variety of designs. The most basic is a double-pedestal that features a simple desk with a column of built-in drawers on each side. You can get more storage by choosing an L-shaped desk such as the Margate option that we offer – it features an additional column of drawers.

“Good” office furniture options include desk chairs that are generally adjustable and come with a mesh backing to maximize comfort. For conference areas, you may opt for executive leather chairs.

You’ll also likely need filing and storage options. The most affordable filing cabinets are available in two, three, and four-drawer options. These sturdy cabinets can withstand constant use and hold heavy contents.

If your priority is having quality, durable, and functional office furnishings, you can find many options at the most affordable price levels. Don’t let budget limit the potential of your space – our “Good” furniture options will serve your needs just fine.

Better Office Furniture

Office Furniture Better OptionsAt the next price point, desks usually have a wood grain laminate finish that has texture and more closely mirrors the appearance of real wood. You may also find that desks at this price level offer additional storage options, such as a column of drawers, overhead storage, or even an additional pedestal that sits behind the desk area. The Quest Double Pedestal represents a desk in this price range, and also one with the added feature of second pedestal.

Chairs at this level may offer additional cushioning. They also may have more opportunities for adjustment to improve ergonomic health. Filing cabinets also may offer greater flexibility in storage spaces.

Overall, this price point will offer slightly more style and the appearance of using natural materials. If you’re working on a budget, but want to maintain a stylish look, this could be the price point for you.

Best Office Furniture

The best office furniture is at the highest price point and offers superior levels of quality and design. Desks and tables come with veneer finishes to give a natural appearance. These “best” office furniture options also have a wide variety of storage configurations, so you can mix and match pieces to create a desk layout that meets your needs.

Chairs at this level, such as the Herman Miller Aeron chair, have the latest innovations in ergonomically-correct design to provide the highest levels of comfort. Storage options are available in nearly any size, style, and combination of drawers.

If your priority is a stylish office with the highest quality furniture, then you may want to consider this price point.

There is office furniture available to meet every need, style, and budget. At Benhar, our experienced office furniture sales team can help you furnish your new office with stylish, high-quality pieces at the appropriate price point.

Buying Office Furniture from Benhar

At Benhar we understand that buying office furniture is both a necessary part of having an office and also something that takes quite a bit of forethought. Contact us today for guidance when choosing your office furniture and access to some of the best brands in the industry.

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