Clowning Around at IIDA Color Invasion 2013

Posted by Path Interactive on : December  23,  2013

Color is integral to an interesting and dynamic existence — nowhere is this truer than in the world of interior design! And as far as color is concerned, IIDA Color Invasion 2013 certainly didn’t disappoint. This year marked the eleventh anniversary of Color Invasion, and the Benhar team was out in force at the event. A theme-based event put on each year by the International Interior Design Association (IIDA), it serves as a great opportunity for interior design professionals to have fun but also support worthy social causes.

Office Interiors Events are a Circus!

This year, Color Invasion was built around the theme of retro French circuses. A bevy of spectacular and eye-catching performers were on-hand including jugglers, mimes, and clowns that looked as if they’d just stepped out of an 1800s clown carriage. Bright outfits, silly hats and carnival games made for a whimsical night, and cotton candy consumption was rampant.

But IIDA New York Events are more than just fun and games, of course. As is tradition, Color Invasion 2013 benefitted both the student activities and Design Awards Program that IIDA runs. In addition, the presence of the Pajama Program this year placed a second source of focus on the youth.


A Good Vocabulary and Good Night’s Sleep

The Pajama Program is a non-profit organization whose mission is to deliver pajamas and books to children in need. Throughout the night, they accepted pajama and book donations from Color Invasion attendees. A dedication to the warmth and literacy of children are values that we heartily support at Benhar; the Pajama Program’s presence proved to be a great addition to Color Invasion 2013.

We’re already excited for next year’s event and look forward to further opportunities to help those in need during the year ahead. And we’d like to help with your office interior needs too. Get in touch with us or drop us a line at 212-481-6666.



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