A Coincidence While Designing the Warner Music Group Headquarters

Posted by Path Interactive on : August  28,  2015

Benhar Office Interiors we say that from the start, your experience with our company is going to be different. Our team provides professional expertise and attentive service. Their dedication ensures your success in all your office interiors projects. We never miss a chance to provide unique and tailored solutions for our clients. Recently, something happened at a project that was pretty remarkable, and we’d like to share it with you. Our team has a great deal of experience, which paid off in a delightful coincidence during our recent project at the Warner Music Group headquarters. It involves two team members, Liz Hair and Marianne Serban, both project managers. Liz began her career in the contract furniture industry in 1992, in client services. She has been an Account and Project Manager for over 15 years. Marianne joined the industry in 1984; she has worked in sales and project management. They know the contract furniture industry quite well, but that’s not the story! This is a story about the awesome team members at our office interior design company and a funny coincidence. It also includes creativity, problem solving and Herman Miller Meridian file cabinets. It stretches from 19 years ago to the present.

How Herman Miller Meridian File Cabinets Tie the World Together

Meridian, the Herman Miller storage solution, has delivered premium choice, versatility, and quality for over 30 years. It provides places for collaboration and storage, with an array of finishes. The longevity of the product’s popularity speaks to the excellence of Meridian. In 1996, then salesperson, Marianne Serban selected Meridian files for her client Atlantic Records. This is where it gets interesting. Below is a photo of Liz Hair, 19 years ago, while working at Herman Miller, in Springlake, Michigan. During that time she sold these exact Meridian files to Marianne Serban. herman miller meridian file cabinets Nineteen years later, Liz and Marianne are working together at the new Warner Music Group headquarters. Warner Music Group is the parent company of Atlantic Records. The company is centralizing 4 of its New York locations into a 300,000 sq. ft space that will serve as the official Warner Music Group headquarters. In taking an audit of Atlantic Records’ existing furniture, the team selected to reuse the Meridian files. Imagine the surprise when they realized what had happened. The warranty dates lined up, and the labels list Liz as the salesperson. The files were in great shape, and with electro static painting, they were able to integrate them into the new design.

Life at an Office Interior Design Company

The coincidence made us laugh, but also think. The durability of the Herman Miller Meridian file cabinets is a hallmark of their product and that’s awesome. The full circle of the sale is remarkable. We are proud to have Benhar Office Interiors team members that embody the values of our company. As an office interior design company, we pride ourselves on being loyal, demonstrating integrity, and prioritizing quality, respect and responsibility. We are usually humble as well, but have to admit we knocked it out of the park on this one, and we hope you agree.

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