Collaborative Design from Herman Miller: The Living Office

Posted by Path Interactive on : July  01,  2014

The best and most successful offices are not static entities which divide each part of the workforce from the greater whole. Instead, a productive and innovative workspace thrives on the creative energy generated by an open exchange of ideas. Nurturing this atmosphere in the office means empowering employees to gather, brainstorm, and execute their ideas. This is what Herman Miller’s Living Office philosophy is all about.

The Beating Heart of the Office

The impassioned drive of talented and inspired employees is the beating heart of any office. When employees are excited to exchange thoughts and put them to work, the entire company thrives. Cubicles and harshly sectioned workspaces can quash the flow of creativity by forcing employees into isolated spaces. An open, inviting office with areas that are designed to attract gatherings strengthens this heartbeat.

Herman Miller’s Collaborative Solution

With the Living Office, Herman Miller seeks to revitalize the means to productivity, and with it, the workplace as we know it. A Living Office fosters creative efforts with ergonomically designed chairs, desks, and tables which invite people to linger and work at them. By doing away with the segments of the traditional, cubicle-based office, dynamic connections between employees become a natural byproduct of spending time in the workspace.

Collaboration happens with less organic inspiration when employees are cloistered in a meeting room. Herman Miller believes every piece of an office should support the innovative ideals of the company and those within it. A workplace need not adhere to the generic design sensibilities most display. The workplace can be tailored to suit the needs of the individuals which drive it, down to the smallest details.

Collaborative Workspace Design for Modern Workplaces

Across industries, office employees engage in many of the same fundamental activities. Yet individual employees undertake these activities in a myriad of ways that reflect their personal styles, the needs of their organization, and their synergy with other employees. The Living Office philosophy of collaborative workspace design provides the basic, common needs that all employees require while facilitating the flexibility that enables individual work styles.

Customized, Specific Workspace Settings

Herman Miller has designed the Living Office around the concept of specialized workspace settings that focus on the different aspects of project creation.

For example, the design of the Haven setting is the need for a sheltered place where work can happen uninterrupted, or where an employee can unwind:

This option contrasts with both the Hive setting — which allows for individual workstations in close enough proximity to collaborate easily…

— and the Clubhouse setting, which creates a working “neighborhood” in which a team can work on a project together.

On a broader scope, the Living Office offers Landscape settings which encompass the entire office. These landscapes include many different settings, so every need of an organization has a functional, engaging space. The layouts of these Landscapes take work flow, natural light, and diverse settings into account to create an organic, harmonious cradle for creation.

Our Collaborative Design Solutions

Benhar Office Interiors understands the importance of creating collaborative office settings that result in both increased productivity and employee contentment. For more information on the Herman Miller Living Office and to find out how Benhar can improve your workplace, contact us today online or call us at 212-481-6666. For a fully detailed look at the Herman Miller Living Office, explore their website here.

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