Custom Office Furniture: Here are the 3 Most Common Myths…Debunked

Posted by Path Interactive on : September  21,  2016

Successful and creative individuals by nature seek to set themselves apart from the rest of the pack. The ambitious initiative of those in pursuit of personal and entrepreneurial achievements drives them to distinguish themselves through their actions, their creations, and even their office space. Little else can offer the same unique character that bespoke office furniture lends to a workspace.

Custom office furniture carries not only a cachet of refinement, but a host of myths regarding its viability for small and medium businesses as well. These myths often discourage companies away from an investment that may provide them their ideal workspace for far less than they expect.

custom office furnitureBespoke Office Furniture is Expensive

A common objection to the purchase of custom office furniture is the higher price tag that comes with it. Off-the-shelf office furniture often carries with it a lower initial financial investment, which can give the appearance of a better deal. In many cases, however, these numbers paint a picture which becomes inaccurate in the full context of an office furniture purchase.

Mass-produced office furniture does not by nature have the same quality as custom-built office furniture, nor does it have the same attention to detail bespoke pieces do. Owners of bespoke pieces will find they save money in the longer term by purchasing higher quality pieces once, instead of finding it necessary to repurchase less durable pieces in the same time period.

Custom-Made Office Furniture is Only Suitable for Specific Industries or Larger Companies

Larger companies often have latitude to make decisions small and medium companies cannot. To many, the option to commission custom modular office furniture is among these choices. Yet modern, small and medium companies have more ability to purchase custom-built office furniture than ever before.

The increasing popularity of smaller or open office spaces has given rise to a greater need for furnishings with dimensions that cannot be found on off-the-shelf office furniture. A trend towards open or flexible office design layouts has also expanded that need. Bespoke office furniture has become a very viable option for the smaller companies of today’s business world.`

Custom Office Furniture Won’t Make a Difference on My Bottom Line

Business owners and office designers with an eye towards the future understand the need to look at the big picture, as well as long-term goals for the company on the whole. While one must work within immediate limitations, wise business minds also consider the needs of the company and its workers for years to come. Bespoke office furniture can impact a company’s bottom line for years to come.

Furniture built to tailor to the specific needs of workers will encourage their best endeavors, as they will no longer need to work around ill-suited tools. Custom modular office furniture also creates an unforgettable aesthetic that will make a positive impression on potential talent for the company’s roster.

Custom Office Solutions at Benhar Office Interiors

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