Design your Workspace with Herman Miller Executive Office Furniture

Posted by Path Interactive on : December  30,  2016

Office workspace design is as much an art as it is science. While you must plan for the hard, physical dimensions of both your space and your needed furnishings, you must also factor in such intangibles as flow, aesthetic, and feel. All those must fit comfortably beneath the budgetary ceiling to create the gestalt for every concept and product your company produces.

Knowing what you need from your office will help you design your workspace to its optimal endpoint. Once you have your vision in mind, bring it to life with quality furnishings, such as Herman Miller executive office furniture. This will promote employee productivity, as well as provide a solid foundation on which to build the office you have always imagined.

Collaboration versus Focus – The Open Floor Plan Debate

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Open-office floorplans grew in popularity in recent times, as designers discovered the many advantages of knocking down cubicle walls. The benefits spanned a spectrum of themes, from tangible energy savings to unseen social benefits such as enhanced collaboration. The open office became the design darling of the workspace world, and extroverts rejoiced in the additional options for discussion and team synergy.

Yet the open office floorplan brings disadvantages as well. Noise can rise to troublesome levels, and finding a place for focused work can pose some difficulty. Privacy takes a hit as chances to spontaneously brainstorm rise. Introverts mourn their safe havens of peaceful accomplishment.

As you design your office, envision how your employees need to accomplish their duties. Plan your space around the needs of your projects and workforce. Hybrid spaces with both open areas and places for privacy provide the best of both worlds, as well as a myriad of creative design opportunities.

Herman Miller Executive Office Furniture – An Investment in Good Design

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Herman Miller executive office furniture has earned a well-deserved name as a leader in quality office furnishings. Those planning a redesign of their workspaces, or who have just begun to map out their first office, can find inspiration in Herman Miller’s stunning office furniture. Consider the aptly named Living Office Solutions as an excellent starting point.

The Living Office includes desks, chairs, tables, and other essentials for versatile arrangements capable of adapting to every need. Designers will find everything they need to shape both the look and the flow of their workspaces, from formal meeting rooms to casual gathering nooks designed as a hothouse for ideas. Look to the Living Office as a jumping off point for your own ideal office workspace design.

Design your Workspace with Herman Miller Executive Office Furniture

For advice on quality office workspace design, draw on the knowledge of Benhar Office Interiors to shape your vision into a reality! Contact us online, or call us at 212-481-6666 for more information on Herman Miller executive office furniture.

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