Ergonomic Furniture to Stay Healthy at Work: We Have Your Back!

Posted by Path Interactive on : September  05,  2015

Modern workplaces with an eye toward attracting and retaining the best talent invest in a creative spectrum of benefits. Recreation areas, top-of-the-line technology, and even catered meals feature in the arsenal of top companies across the country. Yet the best businesses recognize employee health as the soundest investment of all when it comes to a company’s success.

Healthy employees enjoy increased productivity, while their employers appreciate the benefits of reduced sick leave taken. Companies also reap an intangible but valuable advantage of bolstered employee morale, with its accompanying growth in worker loyalty. The simplest yet most profound acquisition a firm can make is ergonomic furniture, such as Herman Miller office chairs.

Why Buy Ergonomic?

Even the most active employee spends hours each day working in his or her task chair. These hours spent seated can take a toll on comfort. Over time, decreased comfort can exacerbate into long-term problems which can require medical attention at their worst, or at the least may impact an employee’s ability to accomplish vital duties.

While ergonomic furniture necessitates a greater budgetary expenditure at the outset, its lasting benefits will repay the initial investment. Quality office equipment, including Herman Miller office chairs, outlast competing products to withstand the test of time. Task chairs made with the needs of the human body in mind also provide relief from pain related to poor posture. Relief from discomfort frees employees to spend their effort doing their best work.

The Health Benefits of Ergonomic Furniture

Properly designed furniture complements the natural shape of your body. Further, it easily adjusts to adapt to the shape of the one who sits in it. No two people have the exact same dimensions. A good chair should offer the ability to customize the height of the seat, the height of the armrests, and the position of the lumbar support. It will also provide adequate seat depth to relieve hip strain and mitigate the negative aspects of prolonged sitting.

Back support is crucial for anyone who spends prolonged stretches at their desk. Such support contours to your spine, to relieve pressure from areas not designed to hold the weight of your torso. Good support also reduces the risk of neck and shoulder issues brought on by poor posture. Both neck and back difficulties may increase the symptoms of hand strain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Designing Your Ideal Ergonomic Office

Benhar Office Interiors believes your employees are your greatest investment. We have curated our selection of office furniture brands to tailor to your company’s comfort needs, including Human Scale and Herman Miller office chairs. Contact us online, or call us at 212-481-6666 for more information on improving your office’s ergonomic capabilities!