Ergonomic Office Seating: Why Your Back is Begging for Ergo

Posted by Path Interactive on : June  30,  2016

Few pieces of furniture have a greater impact on the health and productivity of hard workers chasing success than the office chair. Employees may spend hours at a time seated in an office chair, unaware of how their choice of seating affects their posture, body, and attitude. An ergonomic desk chair can change a person’s outlook on their entire work experience.

Ergo office seating is an investment all forward-looking workplaces should consider. Not only can it improve the comfort and contentment of a company’s employees, but it can increase productivity within the office as well. An office chair with back support for every employee is the first, most important step in improving employee wellness, loyalty, and output.

In Support of Herman Miller Ergonomic Office Chairs

Today’s modes of production in most workplaces necessitate long periods of seated occupation. Employees often spend the bulk of their waking hours seated. These sedentary patterns can lead to health difficulties and discomfort if appropriate steps to mitigate the effects of hours spent largely immobile.
Proper support is crucial for long-term health. Ergonomic desk chairs are designed with the shape of the human body in mind, as well as the points of pressure the skeleton must endure when in a seated position. The best ergo office seating also makes accomplishing daily tasks far easier through thoughtful design.
ergonomic office seating

Selecting the Best Ergonomic Office Seating for Your Needs

Not all office seating is created alike. Savvy office designers understand the necessity of balancing comfort, aesthetics, construction, and budget when choosing from the array of available options for ergo office seating. Good designers also understand the nature of the work for which they are choosing seating options, to ensure the best chair for the duty is acquired.

Excellent ergonomic desk chairs include several crucial features. When considering ergo office seating, consider the following:Stability. A chair should not tip over easily, and should not wobble beneath the user. The base should have at least five points.

  • Stability. A chair should not tip over easily, and should not wobble beneath the user. The base should have at least five points.
  • Support for the back. Office chair back support is among the most vital features of a good office chair. The chair should have lumbar support, and the user should be able to adjust the back support vertically, forwards, and backwards.
  • Seat depth. Workers of varying heights will need chairs of differing depths, to accommodate leg and spine length.
  • Adjustability. The best chairs allow for a great number of adjustments. Height of the chair, height of arm rests, and firmness of lumbar supports are all excellent options that will make workers more comfortable.

Quality Office Seating and Knowledgeable Service

Benhar Office Interiors has extensive knowledge of the ergo office seating options available to you today. Allow us to help guide you towards ergonomic desk chairs that will complement your office design while they improve employee contentment and productivity, such as Herman Miller ergonomic office chairs. Contact us online, or call us at 212-481-6666 for more information!

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