The Gift that Keeps Giving Workplace Inspiration

Posted by Path Interactive on : January  18,  2016

As January moves forward, we at Benhar Office Interiors have had the opportunity to reminisce on the past year and the things we accomplished. While there are many things we are proud of, one recent project really stands out. It was our gift to our client, Fortress Investment Group at the completion of our most recent project during the holiday season.

Of course we know the spirit of gift giving is typically not self-congratulatory, but we just felt good about the collaboration and results of our efforts, as well as the response to its receipt. So what was it?

Fortress Investment Group commissioned a boardroom table from Fallen Industry. “Fallen Industry was created with the idea to reuse before we destroy.” They create custom designed furniture and architectural elements out of fallen trees and reclaimed wood. The Fortress boardroom table was made from 4 consecutive cuts of a single Black Walnut tree, planted sometime in the 1800s by Portland Oregon settlers. After the table’s design and fabrication, there were some remaining pieces of thefallen tree. That is where Benhar Office Interiors, and our Senior Project Manager, Liz Hair, gotinvolved.

Liz’s father, Jack Morse, an expert craftsman, offered to use the remaining pieces to create pens, furthering the purpose and use of the wood. Although in failing health, he took great pride in producing beautiful results, one of a kind pens, to present as gifts to our client.


Liz’s mother commented on the vigor this project breathed back into her ailing husband. The gifts were placed in cases with vellum inserts telling the heartwarming story and accompanied by a photo of Jack Morse working. The reception was enthusiastic, and the gifts were deemed unparalleled in beauty and thoughtfulness.


It is wonderful to make someone feel special during the holiday season, or any time of the year for that matter. That is why this story has another lovely and touching element. After the completion of the project, merely days after Liz was able to report the overwhelming response to his well-crafted gifts, Jack Morse passed away. He was happy to be working until the end, and proud of his amazing results. We are so sorry for the loss of Jack Morse, but we are glad to have been part of this small legacy.

Gilbert Rhode, a designer for Herman Miller, once said “The most important thing in the room is not the furniture – it’s the people.” We at Benhar Office Interiors take that to heart, we are furniture dealers, but before that we are people, and we strive to bring caring and thoughtful solutions to every project