Healthcare Furniture: NYC Medical Industry Interiors

Posted by Path Interactive on : October  25,  2013

When you consider the challenges that accompany obtaining quality healthcare, your thoughts might not turn to healthcare furniture. But having quality medical office furniture is something that shouldn’t be ignored. With NYC health care professionals working long hours, and waiting areas often full, comfort remains essential to both employee stress levels and the mindset of patients.

Healthcare Furnishing Solutions from Herman Miller

Herman Miller provides the kind of healthcare furniture NYC medical centers need. They are well-known for their flexible and high-quality office furniture, and they’ve created a number of designs specifically for use in a healthcare setting. Offering a wide variety of medical office furniture, Herman Miller products can stand up to the demands of round-the-clock use and support the efforts of health service professionals and patients alike.

Anniversaries are often a time for reflection — we have some great memories to look back on, as well as exciting plans for the future. We started our business in October 2003 and have built it up to be one of the premier office furniture dealers in New York.

Seating Options

  • Swoop lounge furniture is an excellent option for NYC clinic and emergency room waiting areas. These chairs and sofas are sturdy, secure and can make the whole experience of going to see the doctor much less intimidating.
  • Caper chairs are stackable and can be brought in during times when waiting rooms might need extra seating.
  • Mirra chairs are designed to have an even higher level of comfort, and are a great choice for private offices and areas where long meetings may need to be held.

Staying Organized

Attending to the health of others is among the most serious and important undertakings a business can face. A cornerstone to maintaining quality care is staying organized. That’s why Herman Miller has created a number of workspaces that are designed to meet the specific needs of clinics and hospitals.

Compass Systems for Healing Spaces

Herman Miller’s Compass Systems are a collection of medical office furniture designed to increase efficiency and make the jobs of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals easier. By assisting healthcare employees, these products and furniture pieces also help to increase patient satisfaction and comfort. The Compass healthcare furniture line in particular offers many elements that, once they are put into place, prove to be invaluable to all concerned. Compass offerings include:

  • Linen carts
  • Compass sinks
  • Rotating work surfaces
  • Above-bed overhead lights

At Benhar, we provide the medical office furniture NYC health centers require to be most effective. We have a strong reputation for providing quality office furniture in NYC and are proud to be a distributor of Herman Miller’s healthcare line.

To learn more about how to make your medical office run more smoothly, contact us online or call us at 212-481-6666.

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