Healthy Office Design for NYC Businesses

Healthy office design is key to building wellness a work and contributes to reinforcing productivity. There are a few easy steps any business owner in New York can take to create a healthy workspace –within the constraints of their budget.

When providing our current and future NYC clients with our office interior design services, we keep these concerns in mind and ensure to incorporate basic, yet impactful recommendations promoting well being in the workplace.

Ergonomic Office Solutions

As a worker in NYC, you probably know what it is like to work in small spaces. Even though it may be better for you to get up and move around regularly, your workspace or job responsibilities might not allow the time or space for it. Sit to stand desks solve that problem. Ergonomic office furniture solutions such as Herman Miller adjustable height desks give you the ability to keep everything at your workspace in exactly the same place.

Standing all day can have adverse health effects as well, making periodic transitions from sitting to standing ideal. Sit to stand desks allow NYC professionals to do just that and luckily, we have those options available for your office environment.

Incorporating Plants into your Workspace


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In a study by the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture of Washington State University, good office plants increased productivity by improving reaction time by 12 percent. Good office plants not only make your space more pleasant, but they can also affect your bottom line. Because plants are part of our natural environment, we need them to balance our atmosphere.

Healthy Office Design: What You Should Request Upon Revamping Your NYC Office Space

If you’re considering a revamp for your Manhattan or Greater NYC area workspace, request that the office interior designer add in indoor plants and adjustable height desks into the designs! Personalize your desk space with indoor plants, and you’ll be increasing your productivity and adding a refreshing splash of nature to an otherwise synthetic environment.

Our Healthy Office Design Products and Services

NYC-based Benhar Office Interiors offers a variety of different sit to stand options, from a number of different manufacturers – including Herman Miller’s coveted adjustable height desks. Pick one that works for you and enjoy all the health benefits that come along with our ergonomic office solutions. For more information about our healthy office design services for NYC business owners, contact us here or call 212-481-6666!