Herman Miller Office Furniture Solutions for an Open Plan Office

Posted by Path Interactive on : July  26,  2016

Offices that utilize architectural features to section their workspaces may not rely heavily upon the furnishings they choose. Spaces created by walls, doors, and other built-in elements take on a natural sense of purpose for their use, even when those very features present obstacles to collaboration and efficiency of use. Designers come to rely upon the features present in the space to create their ideal vision of their office space.

Yet the open-plan office has challenged designers to banish walls in favor of layouts that allow for a free exchange of information between employees. Such layouts rely far more heavily upon task-specific furnishings to create a better work environment. Open-plan office furniture, such as Herman Miller office furniture solutions, is the foundation for your open office layout’s success.

Open Office Organization – A Task-Specific Solution

The concept of the open-plan office begins with the abolishment of all obstacles to communication . Walls, dividers, and doors inhibit the free exchange of ideas between those who work within a company, and do not foster enough spontaneous exchanges of information between co-workers. What they do provide, however, is a sense of flow and organization within the space. Without them, the workspaces within the office can lose their sense of focus and purpose.

open plan office furniture

© Herman Miller

Enter task-specific furnishings, such as Herman Miller office furniture. With today’s slant towards the open office, where open stations and team areas comprise up to 70% of office spaces, quality furnishings designed with these strategies in mind take on a new importance. The furnishings chosen by office designers dictate the function and feel of the environment in which they are placed.

The Aesthetics of Efficiency – Open Plan Office Furniture by Herman Miller

An open floorplan can work for many sizes of office and many work styles, and can improve the comfort and efficiency of employees, as long as the proper furnishings are selected. Herman Miller office furniture solutions present an attractive choice for designers who seek to bring efficiency and stunning aesthetics to their office spaces.

herman miller office furniture

© Herman Miller

Herman Miller’s elegant design philosophies lend themselves easily to the open plan office. Herman Miller is an industry leader, never content to follow market trends when it can create trends of its own. The design-focused outlook brings forth efficient, stunning furniture systems which coordinate to focus open plans into areas where success happens as a matter of course.

Transform your Space with Herman Miller Office Furniture Designs

Benhar Office Interiors recognizes both the inherent challenges and vast potential of open-plan offices. We have experience with integrating quality open-plan office furniture with forward-thinking design to devise efficient, beautiful spaces your workers will look forward to creating in! Contact us online, or call us at 212-481-6666 for more information on how we can bring your vision to life.

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