Herman Miller Task Chairs: What is Task Seating and is it Suitable for Any Office Space?

Posted by Path Interactive on : August  24,  2016

Herman Miller has earned a name as a company for office furnishings that adhere to the strictest standards of quality while setting design trends that will endure for decades to come. The company’s design philosophies mandate honest products and innovative creation, and these themes prevail in every piece of furniture that bears the name. Perhaps the best-known item in the company’s product catalog, however, is the Herman Miller Aeron task chair.

In terms of both quality and luxury, Herman Miller task chairs have earned pride of place above the standards set by other manufacturers. Office workers and even executives seek out the company’s task seating for both its durability and its unparalleled comfort. Business owners in search of ways to improve both productivity and employee health should consider an investment in high-quality task seating as a sound enhancement to their existing office design.

What is Task Seating?

herman miller aeron task chair

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Task seating, as the name implies, complements the performance of the tasks encountered in day-to-day work, especially for those whose jobs demand time spent at a desk or in front of a computer. While many companies choose multi-purpose seating, which can work in a variety of situations, this lack of specialization comes at the sacrifice of both posture and comfort. In addition, workers can remain focused on their endeavors without enduring the effects of poor support.

The Herman Miller Aeron task chair is an excellent example of thoughtful design. Good task chairs should offer full support to those who use it. It should also endure both periods of intense focus as well as the more social interactions found in modern offices. Not content with industry trends in task chair design, the creators of the Aeron discarded the prevalent thinking to engineer a chair built with human health needs in mind.

When to Consider an Investment in Task Seating

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Ergonomic task seating is recommended as a means to improve employee health and well-being, as well as a way to boost employee productivity. Quality task chairs will last longer than lesser pieces, thus returning the initial investment through longevity and increased comfort.

Business owners should consider ergonomic task chairs when employees spend the bulk of their day seated, or working on computers. Even though a different seating solution may already exist in the office, owners and office managers should consider the age of current chairs, as well as the comfort of these seats as they ponder the switch to task chairs.

Herman Miller task chairs were designed to provide ergonomic seating inclusive of the diverse sizes employees may possess. Superior air flow allows for increased temperature regulation, and extensive adjustability grants the opportunity for a truly custom arrangement for any employee.

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