How to Support Remote Workers with Home Office Furniture

Posted by Arwa Chaudhry on : December  02,  2020

Building a productive home office is challenging. Remote workers face unique challenges of blocking out the laundry that needs to be washed, the pile of dishes getting larger by the minute and distractions from other family members.

There are ways employers can support their remote workers in preparing a space that invites comfort, style and productivity. Home office furniture can make all the difference in providing a personal workspace for remote employees.

While working from the kitchen table can offer a change of scenery, it isn’t a long-term solution. And neither is working from the couch. From these vantage points, your remote workers are surrounded by their home life and their household to-do list.

Creating a separate and dedicated home office space can make all the difference. During the 2020 coronavirus pandemic when most office employees had to work from home, businesses began to recognize the challenge of not having proper home office furniture and resources.

Facebook offered its employees who were working remotely a $1,000 bonus to offset the added expenses of working from home and creating a home office. Many other large organizations, including Apple and Twitter, provided similar resources for their remote workers.

Your organization can provide similar support by providing new remote workers resources to outfit their home office with the right furniture for their job. We’ll evaluate ways companies can provide this type of support and how Benhar Office Interiors can help remote workers design and outfit a workspace that fits the style of their homes.

Ways to Support Remote Workers with Home Office Furniture

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Depending on the size of your business and its resources, your support for home office furniture can take many forms. Here’s a look at ways you can help remote workers based on your budget.

  1. Educate employees on creating a home office space. Organizations that don’t have the financial resources to provide more than just the technology for at-home workers can help inform remote workers about how to get the most out of their home office. Ask your office interior decorator to write an article for your employee handbook about creating a productive space. Teach your remote workers about the importance of a dedicated workspace, how to incorporate color and where, and information on ergonomic workspaces.
  2. Partner with a contract furniture dealer to provide a discount program. Select some home office furniture essentials and partner with an contract furniture retailer to provide these essentials at an agreed-upon rate for your remote workers. You can cover part of the cost of specific items to manage your office furniture budget while still supporting your remote workers. Partnering with a contract furniture dealer also provides your remote team with home office furniture experts who can design a perfect space based on your workers’ needs. Benhar Office Interiors offers pieces from the Herman Miller Work From Home collection to offer style and functionality.
  3. Offer a stipend to a trusted contract furniture dealer for the employee to pick out home office furniture. Work with Benhar Office Interiors to create a list of home office essentials. This list can include diverse styles and options to allow your employees to match their home office to their home décor. Allow your remote workers to order for delivery directly to their home for the ultimate support. Showcase how the home office furniture will look together once assembled and set up with the technology you provide. This way, your remote team can imagine what this will look like in their home and decide what setup they have room for.

What Are the Home Office Essentials?

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It would be challenging for employers to provide every bulletin board, stapler and office drawer organizer for remote workers. So how can you provide the essentials for these team members without breaking the bank or overwhelming them?

The answer is by starting with home office essentials. The main two items that a remote worker needs are a desk and office chair. Here’s a look at these two essentials and how to guide your employees through choosing these two important items.

Home Office Essential #1: Ergonomic Office Chair

The majority of most workers’ days are filled with sitting. Poor office furniture can lead to lifelong aches and pains and a lack of productivity.

In 2003, The Upjohn Institute for Employment Research conducted a study on the effects of ergonomic office furniture. The organization’s findings are astounding.

Not only do ergonomic chairs reduce back pain and discomfort, but they help employees focus better. This improved focus resulted in a 17.7 percent increase in total productivity when employers provided their staff with an ergonomic chair.

So if you provide nothing else to your remote workers, consider the importance of a good chair. The price of discomfort is enormous and one you can’t afford to pay in light of these findings.

The Benhar Office Interiors Performance Seating collection will provide your remote workers the home office furniture they need to be productive. From bright green chairs that add a pop of color and character to a home office to stylish and modern chairs that fit in with today’s décor, we have something for everyone.

We can work with employers to create a program for your remote workers to choose their preferred style while ensuring they are set up for productivity.

Home Office Essential #2: Desk to Fit the Space

Your remote workers might have a dedicated bedroom that they’re planning to convert to an office. Or they might have a small corner in their living room that they’re planning to use for their office space.

The needs and resources of your remote workers will vary greatly and with that comes challenges in providing a desk to meet those needs. Some desk options are incredibly simple and take up little space. Others are designed for workers who need added surface area to spread out documents to compare them or create complicated plans as part of their work.

It’s important that employers provide resources for remote workers no matter how large or small their home office space is, or their desk size needs.

Additionally, some employees might be looking for standing desk options to provide variety throughout the day and look after their physical wellbeing. A standing desk is proven to lower office workers’ risk of diabetes and weight gain from sitting too much. It also reduces the risk of other health problems, such as back pain, heart disease, high blood sugar, mood problems and more.

Helping Remote Workers Design Their Home Office

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While a productive home office starts with an ergonomic chair and desk designed to fit the space, there are a few additional ways you can help your remote workers build a home office space that’s comfortable, inviting and encourages productivity.

Here are some additional tips for guiding your remote workers in building the home office of their dreams.

  1. Consider lighting: Some rooms lack the natural light that keeps remote workers feeling energized and well throughout the day. These workers can brighten up their workspace with lamps that simulate sunlight. Make sure to encourage workers to consider the lighting at their workspace and add additional light when needed. This can also reduce fatigue and eye strain.
  2. Add a plant to the desk: not only are plants good for your health thanks to their ability to filter air, but they can also increase productivity by as much as 15 percent. While you certainly don’t want to consume all your desk space with plants everywhere, inviting in some greenery to your workspace can have immense benefits.
  3. Technology to get the job done: the right technology can make all the difference in improving remote workers’ productivity. Providing employees ergonomic keyboards, additional monitors and fast computers can increase both their productivity and their job satisfaction. Have regular conversations with your remote workers about how you can support them and their needs when it comes to office technology.

Home Office Furniture Support

If you’re looking for a partner in helping your remote workers create an inviting and productive home office space, look to the experts at Benhar Office Interiors. We can customize the look of your office space and support remote workers in creating their ideal home office.

Your remote workers will enjoy the Herman Miller Work From Home Collection and the process of working with a trusted contract furniture dealer.

Contact us to learn more about our design services and outstanding office furniture options.