Herman Miller Live OS

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Get to know your office as you’ve never known it before.

Live OS, a new system of cloud-connected furnishings, app, and dashboard, enables a more personalized experience for employees, providing organizations with real-time data analytics to manage their real estate portfolio.






Sensors on all connected work surfaces capture utilization data. Height-adjustable desk recognize and respond to personal preferences with out tap of the desk.


People set posture preferences and make progress toward activity goals with the Live app.


The dashboard offers real-time data analysis and delivers insights to enhance workplace performance.



Respond to people’s changing needs, empower them to work better, and activate workplace strategy with the Herman Miller Live OS technology. Your organization and your people will reap the benefits of a more personalized workplace with this secure system of cloud-connected furnishings, app, and dashboard. Using data analytics delivered by the Herman Miller Live OS platform, you can optimize real estate and transform your workplace into an environment where people are happy, healthy contributors to a high-performing organization.

Empower Your People

With the Herman Miller Live OS Platform, people take charge of their work experiences. By pairing the app with any connected desk, people can set preferences for sitting and standing and move comfortably between the two throughout the day.

Energize Your Workplace

People are more active at work with the Live app and furnishings. Working together, the app and furnishings remind people when it’s time to change postures and gradually help individuals achieve activity goals.

Real-Time Insights for Performance

Dashboards offer insights that help control operational costs, improve space utilization, and enhance employee well-being. Cloud connected sensors on any fixed height or sit-to-stand desk capture data. This data is transferred through the cloud via a secure, cellular gateway that works independently from your corporate network.

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