Hottest Trends in Contemporary Office Furniture at NeoCon Chicago

Posted by Path Interactive on : July  02,  2015

Once a month, we gather a list of six stories from the furniture and design world we think are worth reading. This month, we’re reading about the highlights of the NeoCon event, as well as the trend towards more residential furnishings in office spaces:

NeoCon 2015: The Year of the Work-Life Blur, The Huffington Post

Technology has made it easier than ever to accomplish work tasks from the comfort of your own living room. Many employers have begun to answer this trend by making office spaces feel more like home. This year’s NeoCon commercial interior design event showcased an impressive array of furnishings designed to look like what one might find in a home office.

Office Users Demand High-Tech, High-End Amenities and Recreational Opportunities,

The increasing blur between workspaces and living spaces has shifted the demand on office designers. Employers are discovering a need to include a balanced mix of amenities in their interiors. Cubicle farms are disappearing into more casual areas with modern features and more casual atmospheres.

What NeoCon 2015 Products Tell Us About Workplace Trends,

What did this year’s NeoCon have to say about the current direction of office design? This year, we saw movements towards tiny, private spaces for focusing on tasks, a drift towards walking or standing meetings, a shift towards more residential-style furniture, and shrinking executive offices.

How Jonathan Olivares is Bringing Architectural Manufacturing to the Furniture Industry, Fast Company

Traditionally, people in the market for office furniture choose what already exists on the market, and leave the design to professionals. Jonathan Olivares seeks to empower those who would like a bespoke piece of furniture by providing tools for shaping and customizing pieces for unique spaces.

NeoCon 2015: Top 10 New Office Furnishings, Azure

NeoCon often serves as an ideal stage for launching new products in the commercial interior design arena. This year’s show did not disappoint, as new offerings vied for the attention of attendees. Several fashionable, retro-styled pieces caught our eye, and the shift towards more residential furnishings stood out clearly.

Office Upgrade: Curbed’s Best of NeoCon,

As the trends shift towards a more home-style atmosphere in office, so too do they embrace a more collaborative work style. Curbed chooses their favorites from this year’s NeoCon show, selecting pieces designed to encourage collaboration and put workers at their ease.

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