The Intelligent Office: 5 Ways to Create a Smarter Environment

Posted by Path Interactive on : August  28,  2015

The maxim “work smarter, not harder” does not only need to apply to the workers in your firm, but it should also inspire your entire operation, from the innovative souls who make your company great to the space in which you undertake your endeavors. Improving your work environment represents an investment that will pay dividends in the quality of everything you do.

It may seem a daunting task to create a smart work environment without uprooting to a new space, or making a large investment in the latest technology. Yet making simple changes in your current office space can have a profound effect on both the productivity and mood of the employees within it. Consider these ways to create an office where working smart is easy.


1. Good design begins with the needs of the employees.

This concept may seem obvious, but it is often overlooked. What constitutes a smart work environment for an advertising executive might not provide the same functionality to a computer programmer. An analysis of what your employees need from their workspace will provide valuable information on improving their work environment and thus, their productivity.


2. Areas of focus provide havens of accomplishment.

The open layout office design has much to offer in terms of working smart, yet too much of any good thing can overwhelm. Areas of focus allow employees in need of solitude to concentrate a welcome sanctuary. These focal points allow the best of both worlds, where workers can participate in the greater collaboration of the open environment while maintaining the option to sequester themselves when needed.


3. Make light of your office design.

Human eyes are designed to work best with natural light. Furthermore, natural light is a known productivity booster and mood lifter. Position desks, work tables, and other important furnishings within range of a window as a simple means of improving the work environment. Utilize open areas, or glass dividers which allow light to pass through.


4. Give creativity a boost with break-out spaces.

A smart work environment includes a variety of areas which inspire innovation. Break-out areas offer employees a small change of scenery, away from their desks and more formal workstations. Casual meeting areas encourage relaxation, as well as places for spontaneous exchanges of ideas.


5. Make an investment in your furniture.

Furniture is the most utilized tool in every office space. The comfort of chairs and quality of desks directly impacts your employees’ ability to perform their tasks. Quality office furnishings pay for themselves over time, both in terms of financial investment and employee well-being. Attention to ergonomics is proven to improve employee productivity and decrease sick days taken.


Ready to Create a Smarter Work Environment?

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