Introducing the Herman Miller Renew Adjustable Height Desk

Posted by Path Interactive on : January  20,  2014

A desk is perhaps the single most integral element that you’ll find in a modern office environment. But although the presence of desks in an office is almost a certainty, a desk’s quality can still vary quite widely and is a consideration that shouldn’t be overlooked. The Herman Miller Renew adjustable height desk represents a fresh perspective on an age-old tool, but still retains the superior level of craftsmanship that is expected from this fine brand.

Herman Miller ergonomic desks are designed using the same principles that you’ll find present in all products made by this manufacturer: While stylish and visually arresting, their furniture remains unobtrusive in how it functions. The Renew desk is designed to serve its purpose as thoroughly as possible while distracting the user as little as possible from their work.

Part of what separates the Herman Miller Renew from other desks is its versatility. With the press of a lever, it converts from a sitting desk to a standing desk. This allows users to easily transition between positions whenever their work or personal comfort requires. In a dynamic workplace environment where freedom of movement is key, the Renew is extremely convenient and effective.

To further simplify and streamline the working experience, the Renew also provides integrated cord management. This means that electrical cords are hidden neatly away and don’t run the risk of becoming tangled, damaged or disorganized. Additionally, the Renew comes in a wide variety of shapes and styles. With rectangular, corner and oval desk options available in 47 different colors and styles, the Renew fits well in virtually any office environment.

A Healthy Choice

Desks that are compatible with both sitting and standing have benefits beyond workplace productivity. Research has shown that there is a very real need for movement during the work day, as long hours spent either standing or sitting can have a negative impact on heart health. With the Renew, it’s possible to have versatility, an eye on your health, and still customize the desk to fit the design scheme you desire.

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