Management Tips for Small Business Owners: Let Employees Speak Up!

Posted by Path Interactive on : May  17,  2016

To achieve success in the small and medium business world, you need more than innovative ideas for products or services. The most creative inspiration can go nowhere without a team to realize the demands of implementation. And behind each successful team is a leader who has helped them reach their full potential.

A recent New York Post article has addressed the subject of empowered employees. The most noteworthy faces in small business management, including Benhar Office Interiors president Mark Benhar, understand leaders cannot be the only ones with investment in an endeavor’s success. Everyone involved in the achievement of a goal must have a stake and pride in its prosperity.

The Benefits of Employee Empowerment

One of the best ways to achieve this is to allow employees a strong voice in the company’s organization. Whether you are an experienced leader looking to take your business the next level, or you have just begun your entrepreneurial journey, these management tips may stimulate new ideas for your company’s continued growth.


1. Give your Employees a Voicemark-benhar

Traditional business structures have created a chasm between workers on the front lines of business operations and the managers who oversee them. Employees may not realize lines of communication are open for their ideas to be heard. Create a clear company policy that encourages feedback from everyone.

2. Implement Structures to Encourage Feedback

Because of the power differential between employees and managers, even workers who know they can speak up may not feel they should do so. Regular meetings and daily interactions can assist in bringing employee ideas to the fore. Mark Benhar of Benhar Office Interiors utilizes both in person and online methods together employee feedback, as well as weekly huddle meetings to ask staff what they believe the company does well or could do better.

 3. Create Floor Plan that Encourages Manager-Employee Interactions

Offices with floor plans that include hard divisions separate management from employees by nature. These physical divides promote the notion that employees should not bother their managers with feedback. Consider a more open office floorplan to allow workers more convenient access to their leaders.

4. Recognize what Level of Employee Empowerment is Best for Your Organization

Not all management tips fit all companies. Know your employee base and the needs of your company before you undertake sweeping changes to the structure. The most effective small business management understands what to preserve as well as what to change.

Boosting Employee Morale: Find the Right Partner!

Benhar Office Interiors takes pride in our company culture, which flourishes because of employee trust and investment in the company’s success. Creating professional environments with a personal touch begins with the ideas furnished to us by our exceptional team! Contact us online, or call us 212-481-6666 to learn more about how our team can serve your needs.

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