Meeting Trends: Why You Should Make Your Next Meeting Tech-Free

Posted by Path Interactive on : December  08,  2015

Technology has revolutionized the concept of meetings. With advances in communications technology, attendees need not be physically present to take part in brainstorming sessions, or to receive updates on projects in progress. Laptops allow for quick, efficient notes that one need not later transcribe. Presentation software creates professional displays for fast, easy delivery to those in need of the information. Today’s meetings bear only a superficial resemblance to those held even ten years ago in boardrooms everywhere.

Yet for all the advantages technology brings, many of the most successful companies have chosen to eschew modern tech in meetings in favor of older meeting trends. Tech-free meetings offer unexpected advantages to professionals in all disciplines. They can help encourage a positive team environment, foster ideation, and increase productivity.

Creating a Positive Work Environment Sans Technology

Connectivity has changed the way we interact with our co-workers as well as those outside our career circle. Constant connectedness allows us to remain in easy touch with our far-flung peers, but it may isolate us from people in a closer proximity. The temptation to check one’s email or text messages during a meeting may win out over a singular focus on the meeting’s topic of discussion. Studies show more than 70% of employees form a negative impression of those who review text messages and email in meetings.

Even when the focus remains on the topic at hand, attention paid to a digital screen may present the wrong impression to those in attendance. Those who take notes digitally seem to focus on the screen, not on the meeting. Other attendees have no way to gauge the note-taker’s level of engagement.

A tech-free meeting invites open participation from everyone involved. Conversations can flow freely without the obstacles of personal technology. This improves the attitudes of everyone involved, and creates a positive team environment that will endure beyond the meeting’s walls.

Increase Productivity with Tech-Free Meetings

Multitasking has become a default mode for modern workers, despite studies that suggest multitasking has a negative effect on all tasks performed concurrently. Focus is lost when one must tune out of a meeting to input correct notes into a program, or answer an important email awaiting attention. This results in a poorer performance than one could otherwise produce.

Creating a positive work environment includes encouraging the best performance from all employees. Tech-free meetings return focus to the business at hand. These meeting trends may drastically reduce the time spent in discussion, as everyone has more ability to engage. Discouraging computer-created presentations may also allow for increased conversation between participants, and a free exchange of ideas instead of a discussion guided by a passive presentation.

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