Modular Furniture, the Best Solution for Small Office Spaces?

Posted by Path Interactive on : July  09,  2015

Small offices, whether they house individual teams within a larger company or smaller organizations, contain big ideas. They provide a rich substrate for growing innovation and hot housing creativity. Smaller office settings allow for nimble action to bring your most exciting concepts to life. Such a dynamic environment necessitates furnishings that can keep up with your organization’s progressive needs.

Traditional office furniture brings with it a certain cachet, but often lacks the potential agility to truly bring out the strengths of a small office environment. Modular furniture is the next natural choice. It offers small office space solutions with flexibility for easy office reconfiguration, as well as a distinct, modern style. Often, it presents an attractive option for spaces with less square footage, but many designers wonder if it is the best choice for their workplace.

Flexibility in Office Design

Modular furniture has a contemporary, cutting-edge appeal which lends your workspace a modern aesthetic. Yet its greater draw is the versatility it promises to anyone with vision enough to utilize it. These adaptable furniture systems quickly and easily take shape to suit whatever purpose required of them.

Workplaces with fewer square feet available may struggle to find traditional furnishings to make the most of their real estate. Modular suites can be fashioned into the ideal small office space solutions, with complementary pieces designed to work together in a wide variety of ways. Rooms with odd dimensions become environments with both personality and utility, as modular pieces adapt to unusual areas to create vital spaces for exchanging ideas.

Embracing change

As your company goals expand or projects shift to include new aspects, your office design must be poised to change with it. Modular furniture gives office managers and designers a valuable palette with which to construct workspaces that inspire. Office reconfiguration need not involve a time-consuming search for the necessary pieces. Nor must it consume financial resources you would rather dedicate to completion of a project. With modular suites, you have all the tools you need to adapt to every situation your business presents.

Considerations When Going Modular

As with any choice, modular office furniture comes with considerations office managers must take into account. The very design of modular suites makes them easy to disassemble and reconfigure, but with that flexibility come concerns about durability. Quality furniture will pay for itself over time in both dependability and less need to purchase replacements. As you weigh your investment, investigate brands such as Herman Miller, who are known for excellence.

It is also important to keep future office design plans in mind. If the ultimate goal for the space includes vintage furniture, or heavier pieces of a more traditional make, a modular approach may eventually look out of place. Future office reconfiguration intentions may help inform your current selections.

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