New Partition Designs for Privacy and Quiet in the Open Plan Office

Posted by Breanna Sheldon on : May  09,  2018

Open plan offices have quickly become standard interior design as companies strive to increase collaboration and attract fresh new talent.  Despite the impressive examples of open office interior design set by Google, Apple, AirBnB and others, many open office plans reduce productivity. While no one wants a return to depressing, outdated cubicles, we must address the fact that open plan offices are noisy and full of distractions.

Are Open Plan Offices Less Productive?

Interior designers work to economize space in open floor plans by increasing workstation density. Suddenly, employees find themselves elbow-to-elbow and face-to-face with colleagues. The cubicle’s buffer of personal space has disappeared.  Meeting lounges, private work pods and conference rooms must be included to allow for focused work and collaboration. However, many open plan offices are poorly planned, with private work and meeting areas only accessible to certain staff.  Many former cubicle workers, still stuck at their desks, are subjected to stressful levels of noise and interruption that substantially reduce productivity.

New products from materials manufacturer 3form are an elegant solution to the distraction problem of an open plan office layout. The new products are partitions such as the Divy and the Duet – two flexible and visually stunning partitions designed to transform open spaces into discreet and private sections. The company’s designers tested the concept in their own office remodel:

“We wanted to provide an element of visual and acoustic privacy using new solutions that would maximize collaboration and minimize claustrophobia.” – Azar McMaster, Senior VP, Product Management

These two new products are designed to reduce noise without compromising open space. Suspended from cables, these space dividers are easily installed in both retrofit projects and new installations.

Divy: Sound-Absorbing Office Privacy Partitions

Lightweight Divy Panels can be hung vertically as partitions, or horizontally as sound-absorbing baffles. The Sola Felt covering is 3/4” thick and is made from 50% pre-consumer recycled PET with a Class A fire rating. Available in 15 colors and 6 geometric designs, it’s also a tackable surface.

Duet: Light-Filtering Office Partitions

3form’s proprietary, recycled translucent resin, Varia, is the basis for their floor-to-ceiling suspended translucent panel system. Available in 250 colors and 6 textured patterns, Duet has nearly unlimited opportunities for customization.  Duet panels add visual interest and privacy, while allowing light to filter through.

Open plan offices, when well-designed, can make for happy and productive employees.  Noise levels and visual distractions must be addressed in the design. With its newest products, 3form provides a stylish, easy-install solution.

Thinking of Redesigning Your Open Plan Office?

A workplace designed specifically to promote a positive environment can do wonders for your growth as a business and on a personal level. Benhar Office Interiors can help you acquire furniture you need to achieve your office design vision! Contact us online, or call us at 212-481-6666 for more information.

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