Noguchi Museum Review

Posted by Breanna Sheldon on : May  24,  2018

We visited the incredible Noguchi Museum in Long Island City, New York and think you should too!

The modern sculptures, many of which are made of basalt and carved using a wide range of techniques. And of course, Noguchi’s work also includes furniture, can be found in the outdoor garden, including benches and tables. Inside in the cafe area, the Noguchi coffee table.

The museum also boasts work from Noguchi-inspired artists. There is a large Akari lamp exhibit on the second floor, which taught me that these beautiful pieces have more history than just sitting in an Ikea catalog.

The museum is a converted parking lot that Noguchi set up himself. The space works well for the museum and is 1/4 uncovered outdoor space, 1/4 covered outdoor space (covered parking lot), and 1/2 indoor space. Given that about half the museum is therefore outdoors, it is best to go on a nice day so you can sit in the sculpture garden to admire the work!

We ate lunch outside and enjoyed the cafe coffee!

Price: $5 for students, $10 for others



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