Why Office Branding Matters

Posted by Path Interactive on : March  15,  2016

Common wisdom advises us not to judge a book by its cover, yet the appearance of any object tells us much about its contents or purpose. Office spaces hold to the same concept, as the look and visual “feel” of a workspace communicate a company’s purpose and dedication to visitors. More importantly, however, a workspace’s appearance helps to shape the identity and culture of a business as it develops to its full potential. Having a creative office space brand is critical for the success of your endeavor and the direction in which it naturally grows.

The Broad Brushstrokes of Office Branding

When designers mention the word “branding”, it often conjures the mental image of a company’s logo displayed in prominent places in the office. This represents the broadest of brushstroke in the greater picture of office branding. Company emblems and the conspicuous display of your business’s mission statement both position your brand in the fore.


Utilizing the company’s colors in the workspace can also give your office a distinctive feel without oversaturating the area with logos. Nuanced utilization of shades which speak to your company’s brand provides a visually interesting backdrop against which more subtle signs of office branding will stand out.

While highlighting the company’s logos and colors, it is important to keep in mind the ultimate goal of office space branding. An over-abundance of the company’s emblems, or substantial usage of the business’s colors, can undermine the effect you desire. Branding that relies heavily on gimmicks may give an impression you don’t wish to convey.

Office Space Branding: The Devil is in the Details

Effective office space branding molds both the composition and behavior of the employees who work within it. Prospective staff members consider the space in which they will work while they make their decision to seek employment. Good branding can help you build a creative and collaborative office space which will attract the type of individual you would like to work for your company.

Consider the small touches which present imagery of your corporate identity. A sporting goods company might place sports-related pictures on the walls or a basketball throwing game in the break room. Businesses which specialize in communication might highlight the ability to work anywhere in the office, and choose not to tether employees to designated workstations.

Spaces designed to promote the habits you hope to cultivate in your employees will assist in organically shaping your corporate culture. Such spaces also make statements about your brand, and what it brings to the marketplace. The incorporation of fundamentals relating to your business will keep the minds of both employees and clients on what your organization represents. Benhar Office Interiors can assist you in creating an office space that brings out the best in your corporate brand. Our goal is to create workspaces that inspire, while maintaining the functionality you desire. Contact us online today, or call us at 212-481-6666 to discuss your company’s office branding needs.

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