Work in Progress & the State of the Modern Workplace: Office Design Tips from Vespa and Google, Crowdfunding Unpaid Maternity Leave

Posted by Path Interactive on : April  19,  2016

Once a month, we gather a list of six stories from the furniture and office design worlds we think are worth reading. This month, we’re reading:

Latest Office Design Trends

Vintage Vespa Parts Recontextualized as Sleek Modern Office Furniture,
Classically designed Vespa scooters sport a distinct look as they motor down the avenues. Clever design studio Bel & Bel brings this aesthetic to the modern office with a numbered series of colorful office chairs. These whimsical office accessories will lend a sense of freedom to any workplace.

The New Office Floorplans: Flexible or Demoralizing?,
The latest office design trends promote flexibility in employee workstations. Doing away with structured seating plans offers flexibility for workers who wish to choose the place they will work for the day. Does hot desking truly promote greater employee engagement, or does it have the opposite effect?office-design-google
Google and Apple: the High-Tech Hippies of Silicon Valley, New York Times Online
Google and Apple have made waves with their recent retro architecture entries. While for some, a return to the aesthetics introduced by the utopian movements of the 60s may seem strange, there is a well-explored connection between the tech industry and the so-called hippie look of a past era.

Google Has Had a Negative Effect on Office Design, Says Jeremy Myerson,
Some office design trends treat workspaces as playgrounds for the employees to spend time in. At least one design expert, however, believes this trend has a damaging impact on office design. Companies such as Google may be able to pull off this lighthearted workplace sensibility, but others may discover it is not right for their company.

Women in the Workplace: Maternity Leave Policies

Life in the Only Industrialized Country Without Paid Maternity Leave, The Atlantic
The United States remains an unfortunate outlier in the trend towards generous maternity leave, or sometimes, maternity leave at all. Recent mothers often find themselves faced with a hasty return to work in the wake of a trying medical event.
Moms are Resorting to Crowdfunding to Cover Unpaid Maternity Leave, Huffington Post
In reaction to the nonexistent parental leave policies often found in America, desperate new mothers are turning to an alternate source for financing: crowdfunding. Entries for mothers in search of financial support for their time at home have risen dramatically on crowdfunding sites.

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