Office Layout Planning When Downsizing Your Office Space

Posted by Path Interactive on : October  12,  2016

Savvy small and medium business owners understand the need to reduce unnecessary luxuries to coax the most impact out of the company budget. Those with their eye on success look beyond the most apparent superfluous expenditures, such as creative perks or gimmicky office decoration. Instead, they look to the most intrinsic of expenditures: office rent.

Downsizing office space can have a profound effect on a company’s bottom line. The luxury of space comes at a high price, especially when doing business in New York City. To combat this inflated expense, many small and medium business owners are rethinking their office layout planning. A small office plan can both have a positive effect on the monthly budget, and improve how employees accomplish their daily tasks.

Working Smarter in Smaller Spaces

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Large offices allow for compartmentalized thinking. Each function can have a designated area, along with specific furnishings dedicated to that role, such as conference rooms with spacious tables. Yet these spaces often stand empty and unused, and this idle time translates to resources wasted on a largely vacant space.

Smaller, but Smarter

Downsizing office space encourages designers and workers to seek new and smarter ways to utilize areas on a more consistent basis. Open office layouts remove excess, space-hungry cubicles in favor of a collaborative small office plan. Communal work spaces designed with creative office layout planning provide employees with the freedom to work as they prefer while offering an overall structure to the overall workflow.

The Most Impact from Your Small Office Plan

Shared spaces are at the heart of downsizing office space without sacrificing functionality. Less space for desks and cubicles allows more employees to work within the square footage available. While this less-is-more sensibility does enforce a more intimate work environment, it also fosters spontaneous collaboration that can lead to greater innovation.

Functionality with Custom Office Furniture

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Those with uniquely shaped office areas, or who have specific needs for their spaces, may find custom office furniture provides a welcome functionality. An investment in custom furniture may seem counter intuitive for those who have elected to downsize their office space as a means to ease budgetary strain. Yet this expenditure can save money in the long run, and allow for greater savings in both rent and future furniture costs.

Designing a Small Office Plan

Open office layouts and offices designed with common areas allow for both productivity and freedom to accomplish tasks in the manner the employee prefers. They also reduce the area consumed by desks, conference rooms, and other space-hungry features. These changes will require adaptation by those accustomed to more traditional layouts, but after the initial adjustment period, workers will likely find they prefer the advantages of a small office plan.

Office Layout Planning Services for Downsizing

Benhar Office Interiors has the knowledge and expertise to help you realize your vision for a functional, downsized office space. Our office design resources and planning services can provide valuable guidance to see your project through, from the initial concept to the final product. Contact us online, or call us at 212-481-6666!

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