Office Space Design Ideas: Five Signs Your Office Needs a Facelift

Posted by Path Interactive on : March  28,  2016

Good office space designs incorporate practicality and aesthetics to inspire workers. When designing office space layouts, it’s important to take inventory of a space’s perceived use and actual utility. The best office layout designs use the available space in the most effective manner possible and motivate employees to reach their greatest potential. Good office layout design and productive employees are concepts that are intertwined.

When an office’s layout becomes outdated, or no longer meets the needs of the workforce, a makeover of the office can return the lost energy and enthusiasm. Astute business leaders and managers know how to recognize the signs that their workspace could use an overhaul. Is it time to redesign your office space layout?

Designing Office Space Layouts: What to Consider

  • The color scheme of the office no longer adds enjoyment or vitality. Colors can have a tremendous effect on those who spend time in an area. Dull, lifeless colors bring down the room’s mood, while brighter colors add energy and appeal. A simple coat of paint can have tremendous benefits in employee morale and productivity.
  • Certain areas within the office frequently go unused. Unused spaces within an office indicate a lack of functionality. Conference rooms that frequently go unreserved often lack important components to encourage employees to utilize them. Tables or gathering spaces that remain deserted have failed to attract employees to congregate there. A reworking of these wasted spaces can give your office more useful areas.
  • Movement in the office is difficult. Consider the flow of your employees as they move through your office. Do certain areas garner more traffic? Are there bottlenecks where people have difficulty getting through, or wait to use equipment? Rearranging key components of your office, or procuring different furnishings, may solve these work flow difficulties.
  • Furnishings are uncomfortable or uninviting. Employee comfort does more than make your employees happy. Proper seating and workspaces can affect employee health and productivity. Ergonomic chairs with good support, tables and desks of the right height, and equipment made to promote healthy habits can increase both output and quality of work.
  • The office is dim and does not harness natural light. Creating an office layout that uses natural light from windows gives the appearance of openness and space, while also decreasing the need for electrical expenditure. Studies have also shown that employees who work in natural light enjoy health benefits, and an increased quality of life. Rearranging furniture to keep desks and workspaces within 20 to 25 feet of windows provides the greatest benefit.

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