Office Space Design: Where to Start with Your Office Layout Planning

Posted by Path Interactive on : November  10,  2016

Designing office space layouts can present a unique challenge for those in search of the way to best express their company identity and brand through their physical space. Modern offices utilize diverse tools and methods to accomplish the company goals, and must cater to an array of different work styles and personality types. It can be difficult to know where to start when the end result is a complicated gestalt for innovation.

The best office spaces fully utilize the available area while promoting a smooth, unh

Plan for Success

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While there are several factors that play an important role in office layout planning, understanding the space available is among the most crucial. Companies who work in densely packed places such as New York City may find they must design office space in fewer square feet than anticipated. The shape and natural boundaries within an office space will guide all further efforts.

Small Office Spaces

Those companies with smaller office spaces will want to consider their furniture choices early on in the process. Multipurpose furniture can save space in both the work floor and the budget. Custom office furniture can also assist those designing office space layouts in making the best use of limited or oddly shaped areas.

A Blueprint for Productivity

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Office layout provides a powerful influence on employee productivity. Effective office space layouts reflect the company’s goals and provide a roadmap to achieve them. For some companies, an open office layout can hothouse creativity as it encourages spontaneous interactions and brainstorming. Other companies, however, may benefit from hybrid spaces which allow both quiet focus and social interaction.


When planning an office layout, consider how employees will be allowed to accomplish their tasks. Decide whether your workflow will benefit from a more traditional office layout, or if a free-form office without assigned seating may better suit your needs. Also give thought towards where company leaders will sit relative to employees, and what level of approachability will be encouraged between employees and their mentors.

Success by Iteration

Dynamic situations often thwart the most careful plans. A new office plan may require several iterations before it meets the company’s precise needs. Don’t be afraid to try a new layout, then tweak it as time goes by. You will learn from previous configurations, and discover more about how your employees work.

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