Workplace Design: Co-Working Space Planning

Posted by Path Interactive on : October  22,  2015

co-working design office layout plan

Fresh ideas can invigorate a project, no matter where they come from. An inspiration gleaned from another discipline may apply to yours in the most unexpected way. Creative-minded professionals have begun to take advantage of this potential for vitality in the workplace by starting a co-working space.

This office space design fosters a sense of community while promoting the industrious pursuit of the workers goals. Co-working spaces offer small businesses and startups the flexibility they desire while providing the utilities they require for success and growth. Developing a co-working office space layout has its own challenges, but the rewards can make it well worth a company’s consideration.

The Basics of Starting a Co-Working Space

As with every other aspect of your business, the creation of a co-working space plan should begin with the knowledge of what you wish to accomplish. Decide if this co-working space is meant to turn a profit for your business, or if you simply hope to create a hothouse for inspiration. This plan will give you direction as you proceed with your office space design.

If your co-working office space idea is intended for your company only, or your company as well as the nearest neighbors in the building or local area, you have less need to decide on your space’s usage policy. However, if you would like to open this work area to more than your own business, decide who will be allowed to use it. An open-door policy may bring in more users, but it will make curation of the community a challenge.

Choose a location for your space that takes into account both the appeal of working there and the accessibility for those you hope will call it their professional home. The best co-working spaces understand what community they hope to build, then proceed forward accordingly. A focus on your targeted segment will attract the community you want to build. Ensure your space has the collaborative technologies and utilities workers will need, including high-speed internet access.

Adding the Details to Your Co-Working Office Space

Select furnishings which make working in your co-working office space an attractive prospect and create a positive workplace. Ergonomic task chairs, desks built with both collaboration and comfort in mind, quality communal printers, and other amenities provide an incentive to utilize your space. Your choice of furniture can also feature prominently in your branding, as they bring attention on social media discussions of your office space.

The layout of your co-working office space should reflect the hope for collaboration while still offering havens for those who need to focus on solo duties. Open areas and dividers should account for acoustic needs, to prevent the sound levels from overwhelming the office. Smaller companies may consider renting office furniture, or investing in pre-owned furniture to begin with.

Ready to Start Your Co-Working Space?

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