Office Sustainability in Action

Posted by Path Interactive on : July  08,  2014

A common known fact about our company: Benhar Office Interiors is one of the New York Market’s premier Herman Miller dealerships.

A maybe lesser known fact is how large of a role that our values play in our company culture. Each member of the Benhar Team aims to incorporate Loyalty, Integrity, Quality, Responsibility and Respect into all of our undertakings. When a particularly exceptional example of this arises, we like to give what we refer to as a “shout out” about it. This past weekend, Liz Hair definitely earned a shout out, as did the team at Herman Miller. While talking about company culture and values is important, we find being about them a really awesome part of Benhar Office Interiors.

So, what happened?

A Push for Reusable Packaging Products

On Saturday, Liz was present to supervise the receipt and installation of the furniture for the new headquarters of Warner Music Group. Among other products, Herman Miller, with their commitment to quality, sent 200 Canvas Office Landscape low credenzas in custom pallets to ensure delivery in the best condition intended for their use. Packaging can be tricky, as it has to perform its job, be affordable and sustainable as well. We are happy to report the credenzas arrived in tip-top shape, but after their packaging was removed and they were installed, the job site looked like this:

Liz had anticipated this challenge, and it had made her think. And when she thinks, solutions happen. An email went out Wednesday, to the Senior Manager of Distribution and Warehouses, wondering about a more cost-effective and sustainable solution than simply disposing of the pallets. By Friday, after a whir of emails through a number of their departments, Herman Miller had arranged for all the pallets to be back-shipped to their headquarters in Zeeland, Michigan and re-purposed. It looked like this:

Creating Sustainable Office Solutions

Pretty great, right?! Herman Miller has a commitment to sustainability, and to its relationships. If something can be done better, and with a better outcome, they will try to do it, and that goes double for Liz Hair. We know we may be bragging a little, but stories like this exemplify why we think we’re a pretty terrific company, and we hope you do too.

For further proof of our commitment to office sustainability and cutting-edge design solutions, contact us online today or call 212-481-6666 to find out what we can do to elevate your business.

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