Open Office Floor Plan: Does it Harm Productivity?

Posted by Path Interactive on : August  10,  2015

Open floor plan offices have received much attention in recent days as a burgeoning trend in office layout. Small office setups have begun to eschew cubicles in favor of divider-free setups which allow for dynamic changes as well as increased collaboration between employees. The open-office trend has changed how businesses view workflow and interaction.

Yet not everyone sees the benefit in this change. Where some see an opportunity for greater interaction and company cohesiveness, others see a potential decrease in productivity as well as an additional social strain. Consider both the benefits and disadvantages of removing your office’s boundaries as you ponder your future redesign.

he Benefits of the Open Office

For some managers, the open floor plan provides a welcome office layout solution. Its low impact on the corporate budget eases the financial strain of remodeling for small offices. Further financial benefits may appear on utility statements in the form of lower heating and cooling expenses. Open offices take less time to construct, allowing for a faster turnaround in changes.

Social benefits are less tangible but no less important. Fewer divisions between desks allow for unfettered communication between employees. Increased interactions may create more opportunities for spontaneous collaboration, which can boost productivity as well as work quality. It also fosters employee unity, and by the same token, employee loyalty.

Drawbacks of the Open Office Floor Plan

Not all employees consider constant, increased interaction from their coworkers a benefit to their workflow. Employees with more introverted processes may find their productivity hampered by the rise of noise and scrutiny. Distractions from fellow employees can sap both energy and momentum, to the detriment of the worker’s project.

Increased visibility can sacrifice both privacy and confidentiality. In offices that handle client data or sensitive material, an open office layout may compromise information meant to remain private. Even for employees not responsible for sensitive materials, the increased scrutiny may create dissatisfaction.

Solutions for the Open Office Dilemma

The decision to utilize an open office layout should take several factors into account. Your space’s physical dimensions should help to inform your decision, as should your remodeling budget. Consider the space’s ability to absorb ambient sounds, and whether it could handle an increase in volume without dividers to help with noise control. Also consider your workforce’s needs, and if their duties will benefit from more interaction.

Can’t Decide Whether You Should Go for an Open Office Floor Plan or Not?

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