Why Putting Plants in Your Office Can Boost Morale and Increase Your Bottom Line

Posted by Path Interactive on : February  10,  2016

Often, when we talk about going green at the office, we do not mean actual green decorations. Recycling initiatives, environmentally friendly office furnishings, and paperless operations all play an important part in the health of our community. Recent studies, however, say we should take the admonition to go green a bit more literally with a generous application of office plants. The benefits of plants in the office include improved morale and increased productivity.

A New Leaf in Office Design

Silk greenery has long been a staple in busy workplaces around the world. The immortal, leafy imposters sit in the corners of lobbies to add a point of interest to a company’s entryway, or hang forgotten in corners of meeting rooms. Yet living plants offer more than a splash of color to companies wise enough to employ them. They offer tangible health benefits as well as a boost to worker productivity.
Researchers in Queensland conducted a study to determine the long-term effects of plants in the workplace, with surprising results. Their research indicated not only improvements in the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of employees whose offices decorate with live plants. It also showed boosts to productivity measuring up to 15%, which increased the health of the companies themselves.

The Benefits of Plants in the Office

Adding a natural touch to the office landscape increases employee engagement with the workplace. Live plants display an undeniable human factor in the office, as well as a sense of regard on the part of those in charge of the company. As morale rises, so does productivity, which offers a compelling reason to include plants in your office.
The inclusion of live greenery takes nothing away from a sleek, lean, design-centric workspace. Such designs can be enhanced by unique plants, or carefully selected plants that lend to the modern yet comfortable look of the best layouts.

It’s Easy Being Green

Professional office landscaping services can care for your leafy new additions, or employees can do so themselves. Plant selection depends on the levels of light available, as well as the care you wish to offer them, as well as the size you hope they will eventually reach.
Some plants are known for their excellent ability to scrub pollutants from air, such as the sleek, impressive snake plant. Others, such as the spider plant, grow more lush foliage without much commitment to care.

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