Remastered Aeron Office Chairs for Lower Back Pain

Posted by Path Interactive on : February  27,  2017

Ergonomic choices in office furniture play an important role in the health of all workers who spend hours at their desks. Yet for those who experience constant lower back pain, or those whose comfort has been compromised by surgery or other medical procedures, proper support becomes doubly important. This support begins with choices such as the Herman Miller Aeron chair.

The Aeron office chair represents a gold standard in the world of executive seating. From its debut in 1994, the Aeron made waves with its human-centered design and its innovative technology. Office designers and employees alike now have the opportunity to experience the Aeron remastered to suit the modern office environment.


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A Benchmark Set Higher

Herman Miller offers an extensive catalog of office furniture designed to inspire employees to work smarter. Yet few pieces say this more clearly than the iconic Aeron chair. At its inception, the Aeron brought the most current research and design criteria for comfortable, ergonomically correct seating together with a sleek, clean design to create a masterwork of task chair support.

Research into the health of prolonged sitting, as well as the needs of the human body at rest, has continued to uncover new information about how chairs can best meet the needs of their occupants. To answer the demands of new scientific findings, Herman Miller took up the challenge of improving upon their popular design to bring the Aeron office chair up to date with the knowledge of current research.

As office chairs become the default seat for a multitude of purposes in the work environment, the Aeron has been redesigned to accommodate a tremendous range of postures and office activities. It provides support both for the intensive forward focus, as well as pensive moments reclined in the chair. Because the Aeron was designed to account for the body types truly found in today’s world, its three sizes allow for a greater adoption by anyone in need of high-end furniture.

Ergonomic Seating for Lower Back Pain

The Herman Miller remastered Aeron chair is the office chair lower back pain sufferers or individuals who additional support from past medical surgeries. The design features eight latitudinal zones of varied tension for vital support and lower back pain relief. For a more customized structure, PostureFit SL pads allow for both sacrum and lumbar support to allow a natural, standing-like position while seated.

Prior Aeron chairs provided a tremendous adjustability, though this required an amount of fine tuning some found discouraging. The remastered chair, however, has minimized this tuning to allow for a more customized fit with less effort. The end result is a chair that can minimize pain and increase spinal health.

Where to Find Aeron Remastered Chairs in NYC

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