Lunch & Learn

Continuing Education

We aim to be a great resource to our clients in all capacities, and one of the ways we do that for architects and designers is our continuing education program.

Current Course Offerings:

Furniture 201

The contract furniture procurement process can be complicated at first pass. Recognizing the need for education on this process, our company launched Furniture 201 in January 2015. We developed this weekly lunch-and-learn series for entry to mid-level designers who may be a bit vague on the furniture procurement process, but would like insight into the contract furniture industry and the opportunity to improve their specification skills. The program was created to be both succinct and educational, and it has evolved to reach diverse audiences. Today, in addition to designers, architects, facility managers, educators, and students all attend the sessions. Furniture 201 is certified as a continuing education unit from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC). The session lasts around an hour, and it includes a lesson, lunch and time for Q&A.

The program is based on our deep knowledge of the industry, and it offers an introduction to procurement for those just getting into the contract furniture process. As a result, the session is built around the following learning objectives:

In addition, the program explains the history of the contract furniture industry, explores why contract furniture is such a good investment, and offers fresh research and insights into the way people work in a modern office.

Corporate Sales Training

Benhar continues to serve its business community partners and influencer’s of New York City through its continuing education and advance trainings. Our very own corporate sales manager delivers an engaging sales training workshop to help your non sales associates on some basic selling techniques with a separate seminar focusing on increasing sales in a competitve environment. John ‘Dano’ has trained thousands of sales professionals, with over a decade of sales training experience and is well known for his method “Scientic Selling”.

“The seminar was very appealing to me when it was presented as a concept. We are a sales organization, and who wouldn’t want to learn more about increasing sales? Once we went through the seminar, I must say it was fantastic! The Benhar team really made it up beat, experiential and we all got something out of it,” said Mitti Liebersohn, President and Managing Director, Avison Young New York City. “I would highly recommend it to any sales organization.”

— Mitti Liebersohn, President and Managing Director, Avison Young New York City