Small Office Design

Let’s face it: we don’t always get what we want. That’s doubly true in New York Real Estate, where space is at a premium and mini-floor plans reign supreme. A small office design is vital to making sure that every inch is being used in the most resourceful way possible. Luckily, for your small office layout, well thought-out space planning can provide all kinds of value engineered solutions for any space quandary. Take, for example, a regular 10 x 10, two person office. Bear in mind the following must-ask questions when planning every space:

    1. How many people must this space accommodate?
    2. What tasks are performed here?
    3. What kind of storage do the workers use?
    4. How much storage do they need?
    5. What are the privacy requirements?
    6. Real Life Small Office Space Design Solutions

      Below, our professional office interior designers created four different & distinct small office design options.

      For a 10 X 10 Office Layout

      Typically, a small office space design has minimal surface area, so there is very little room for active storage. For a simple, basic two person 10 x 10 small office layout, use two pedestals for each worker so that they can store their personal and business documents. Add three-high laterals, which can be used for long-term filing. The divider panel provides some privacy and breaks up the space. This configuration may be good for workers who spend more time in the field than at the office.

      This small office layout is a classic stand by. Each user gets a desk and return for surface storage, and two pedestals for short-term filing. The tack boards and overheads are used for both functional storage and personalization. The details in this small office layout allow workers to engage in their space, which increases job satisfaction and productivity.

      Low Credenzas

      Looking to maximize storage in your small spaces design? Low credenzas combine open shelves, lateral filing, and personal storage all in to one unit. And, office interior designers love the light, multi-level look! Remember, you’re not just renting a flat 10 x 10 plain; you also get the vertical space in your small office. Increasing your overhead storage capacity is a great option for storage-heavy offices. For additional filing, try higher lateral files.

      Planning to shuffle some management into shared spaces? For management staff, file storage is not typically a priority. They tend to require more surface area and collaboration space.  Also, don’t be afraid to pamper their small office layout with upgraded finishes. Use veneer tops, for example, instead of standard laminate. This slight upgrade in your small office design helps to distinguish company hierarchy.

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