Six Workplace Wisdoms: Collaboration Spaces, Getting to the Point & Ergonomics and Productivity

Posted by Path Interactive on : January  28,  2014

Once a month, we gather a list of six stories from the furniture and design world we think are worth reading. Today, we’re reading:


1. It Doesn’t Matter Whether or Not You Like Your Open Office Fast Company
Though you might find an open floor plan tugging at your nerves, studies are suggesting that it’s leading to much more collaboration, learning and teamwork.

2. Mastering the Fine Art of Getting to the Point Fast Company
“Brevity is not a nice to have it’s a need to have.” Learn how you can make an impact with being succinct in your presentations.

3.Getting the Balance Right HR Review
Working from home? Working from the office? Work solely at home? Or solely at the office? What’s the right answer? Can collaboration happen even when it’s remote? What’s best for a team?

4. Ergonomics and the Aging Workforce Ergonomics Plus
As the workforce begins to get a little bit older, it’s important to understand how the configurations of our everyday workspaces and the impact that it has not just on health, but well-being.

5. Is Sitting Up Straight Always Good For You? Humanscale
We’ve always been told to “sit up, don’t slouch” but, does that have the best long term effect for you? Learn some of the other solutions along sitting up straight that can have better long term effects for you.

6. Why This Startup Has a No-Workaholics Policy .Inc
In a culture where people stay at the office longer and work around the clock, a software company has decided to implement a true idea of work-life balance. Here’s a look this company at how has made it easier to work smarter.

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