Six Workplace Wisdoms: Computer & Workplace Ergonomics, Motivation at Work, and Top 10 Workplace Trends

Posted by Path Interactive on : December  28,  2013

Once a month, we gather a list of six stories from the furniture and design world we think are worth reading. Today, we’re reading:


1. Reluctant Employees? Motivate Them With Two Questions
Have a look at how you can encourage your employees/ team with just a few questions that may seem strange at first, but will lead to success in completing projects at hand.
2. A New Kind of Office Optimization Drucker Institute
“The best way to predict the future is to create it” Learn how optimizing the workplace can produce the best ideas and camaraderie among teams.
3. The Top 10 Workplace Trends Of 2013 Forbes
Have a look at what the biggest trends in office culture were this year. What do you think we may see in the next year? Let us know!
4. Three Tips to a More Comfortable Day at Work – aka Desk & Computer Ergonomics Resovate Most days are spent in front of a computer for extended lengths of time and in one position. Use these three tips to help make you a lot more confortable and healthy at the office in the long run.
5. 15 Weird Postures Forced Upon Us By Technology Fast Company
Have you ever thought about the strange things that we do thanks to (or no thanks to) the technology we use on daily basis? In this article we explore some of the quirks of our own technological perks. Do you have any that aren’t in here? Let us know!
6. Ergonomics In Company Culture The Local Brand
It is often overlooked but a healthy employee can often lead to a happy one and how our workstations are configured can play a big role in overall happiness and success. Learn what you can do to improve the ergonomics in your company and incorporate it as part of the culture.

For most of you, office furniture might be something you take for granted, but we at Benhar know the importance of investing in your workspace. Is your office conducive to your productivity? Is your furniture supportive without being uncomfortable? Do you enjoy being there? Benhar Office Interiors stays up to date on all things office-design because we want all of our clients to answer these questions with a resounding ‘Yes!’ To learn more about how we’re staying up to date and what we’re reading up on each month, click here.

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